10 Facts About America That Most Americans Don’t Know

Are you looking to find out some interesting and real facts about America? Then you are in the right place. It is the fourth-largest country by area. Most Americans think they already know a fair amount of the country’s history and interesting facts about America. A lot of unique aspects of such a vast and diverse country make it more surprising. You may already know a few. After all, the country is always in the news every day. I have concluded the 10 most important facts about America that you may not have heard before. So get ready to know the 10 important facts that will blow your mind.

1. No official langauge in USA:-

In the USA where most of the people speak English, a few portions of the people speak Spanish and other languages. But the country has no official language. English is the first language of 78 percent of people. Almost 430 languages are spoken by a population of the united states. English is the most dominant language of all time but it does not mean that you can offend other languages.

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2. The statue of Liberty was a gift from French People:-

The statue of liberty is now at new york harbor within New york city in the USA. But do you know that it was a gift from France to the people of the United States during the American revolution? Edouard de Laboulaye a french political thinker proposed to build a monument as a gift from France to the United States to commemorate the United States’ insistence on freedom and democracy. He wants to honor the work of late American president Abraham Lincoln. The copper statue was dedicated to America in October 1886.

3. Alaska was once under Russia:-

The largest state in the USA is Alaska that has an area of 1.718 million km². In the earlier part of the 19th century, it was under Russia. In March 1867 an agreement was signed in between America and Russia to purchase Alaska from Russia for a cheap price of 7.2 million dollars. America brought Alaska for 2 cents per acre. You can say it was a quite good buy for the USA.

4. The dangerous job in the country is: president:-

There is no such dangerous job as president. Think 46 men have held the title. Four of these men have died in office for natural ( William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Warren Gamaliel Harding, Franklin Delano Roosevelt ) and four were assassinated in office ( Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, James Abram Garfield, ). So, the rate is almost 17 percent who died on the job ( like 1 out of 6 ). Would you apply for a job with so many risks?

5. There are more cows than people in some states:-

Every five years National Agricultural Statistics Service conducts the census on Agriculture that includes cattle counting. There are nine states ( Oklahoma, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota )in the USA which has more cattle than people. The combined cattle from these nine states are more than one-third of the total cow population in America.

6. More than 10 percent population in America have worked or will work at Mcdonald’s:-

The study says Mcdonald’s is one of the largest employers in America. Almost 1.7 million employees are working at Mcdonald’s. It has employed 1 in 8 Americans. From former amazon CEO jeff Bezos to pop singer pink worked at Mcdonald’s once. Jeff Bezos said he learned there how to crack the egg in one hand. From a school kid to a retired person worked at Mcdonald’s at least once.

7. 10.5 percent of the population live below poverty lines:-

Poverty exists in every country in the world. There is no exception for Americans. Although America is the richest country in the world still 34 million people live in poverty. The poverty rate was 10.5 percent in 2019. According to the USA census, 10 states with a high poverty rate in the south region. That includes Mississippi (19.4%), Alabama (14.4%), South Carolina (13.9%), Georgia (13.5%) and North Carolina (12.9%) New Mexico (16.0%), Louisiana (18.4%), Arkansas (15.0%), West Virginia (14.9%), Kentucky (14.6%) of population below poverty line.

8. In the U.S., 40% of babies are born to unmarried women:-

According to data released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 40 percent of babies in America are born from unmarried mothers. This was happened eight times in a row according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention data.

9. Most presidents were born in Virginia state:-

Eight numbers of presidents were born in Virginia. They are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Zachary Taylor, Woodrow Wilson, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, and John Tyler. Maybe Virginia people are lucky than others.

10. 100 Acres Of Pizza Are Served There Every Day:-

We do love Pizza so much. We prefer Pizza over Berger. According to Washington Post, in every second 350 slices are sold. We eat pizza almost 100 acres of pizza every day.

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