10 reasons why AMP is bad for your site

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is developed by google to optimize the mobile browsing speed and aimed to help pages to load faster than before. It uses own interface of your site to load faster. AMP is not very suitable to run multiple ads on pages of site. It is beneficial for you if you set up AMP setting very accurately, otherwise it will reduce your revenue from Ad networks. Here are the 10 reasons why AMP is bad for your site.

1. Drop in Earnings:-

If you are a beginner on blog. You don’t have much experience to deal with AMP. If you make any mistake in your AMP setting like you just forget to place ad code on AMP version of page, ad removed automatically after activating AMP or after upgrading AMP, your site revenue will go down. So, there is a massive drop down of your earning.

AMP not improve your ranking in Search Engine:-

Some SEO specialist says If you enable AMP in your site it will not improve your rankings in SEO. It is only improving your site speed not ranking.

Difficult to use:-

It is quiet difficult to implement AMP in your site as a beginner. If you make any mistake to set up, it can reduce your revenue.

IE 11 not Supported:-

AMP does not support Internet Explorer browser. Though IE is not popular browser, a rare users are using these browsers as it is very old version yet if any users open your site through IE, then the site will not open if AMP was enabled.

Not Suitable for Videos :-

If you publish videos on your post, then AMP should not use. Because Videos takes time to load on AMP pages compare to other. So, you should not use AMP if you embed videos on your post.

No scope for other Advertiser:-

You cannot add ads on other networks ads like Media.net, Mediavine, adthrives etc. except adsense. If you uses multiple ad networks then it will not beneficial for you.

A very less control of design:-

You built up your site design according to your choice. If you enable AMP in your site, It will automatically add new interface for your site. There will be no Navigation menu or any footer. You don’t have any control on site design. So, you should ignore AMP in your site.

Blocks CSS and Java script:-

AMP blocks major of CSS and Java script files to load your site faster. So, majority of functions and designs will not work after enabling AMP functions. It will represent your site in a very simpler way to the users. There is no work for for premium theme or design in your site if it is not visible to users.

Free themes are not Ad friendly :-

AMP free themes are not suitable for running multiple ads. You can show maximum 2 ads per page i.e. one at top and another at bottom. It is not possible for everyone to use premium version of AMP. If you want to run multiple ads on page and you can’t afford premium version, so you should not use AMP.

Less advertising Clicks:-

Ad loads very slowly in AMP page and ads are not matched with content properly. So, there is a less clicks on ads. It will reduce your revenue .

Final words, If you want to AMP version installed for increasing your site speed, it is not a right solution for you as experts says. It will show you multiple errors inside google search console day by day. Rather, you can use WP rocket plugin to boost up your site speed. If you are agree with these share it with comments.

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