35 Blogging tips to grow your blog

I am sharing with you 35 top blogging tips that will help you understand better about blog. New blogger sometimes does not understand on what topics need to choose for blogging. How I make my blog professional ? A full tutorial was given to you about blogging from starting to a professional blogger. Let’s start

Make your passions in blog:-

You have to select a top that you know very well and have a very good knowledge. Start writing on your favorite topics and make it a passion. Every professional blogger choose blog as a passion , So they are able to make top ranking websites.

Write a unique content in your language:-

You should write contents from yourself not copying others. These will help you to think broader and your contents will be attractive for everyone. For monetization your blog, you must write unique content with your opinion.

Write about yourself:-

Audience will like you more when they know about you, what you do, your experience. They always have interest to know about author. So, Introduce yourself through blogging.

Don’t select Multiple topics in a blog:-

Write your blogs on a specific topics. Then you can write on all subtropics related to main topic. If you select multiple topics then it will difficult for audience to understand better.

Follow SEO:-

Make Seo friendly content with a proper meta data, tags, links, pictures and  sharing through social websites.

Select a suitable title:-

It is very important to select a suitable title before write a article. Audience will read or click on your articles based on your titles. So, select a catchy title.

Do Back links:-

wherever possible , do back links over each and every articles. It will help you grow to get organic traffic.

Use Good themes and color:-

Select a perfect theme for your blog that is handy for both desktop and mobile. It will help the audience to read from both platforms.

Make Site Navigation tool:-

Make a site navigation tool to visit anywhere in your site. Make a search options in your websites that will find articles easily from there.

Make Contact, Privacy policy, About , Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer pages must:-

You need to make separate pages on above topics. It is necessary for your site.

Line break in Paragraph:-

when you will write long paragraph , then you should divide paragraph into a few parts. For these, you should use line break in the paragraph based on things.

Use bold, color, Italic:-

You can make bold, Italic, Color on specific key words. It will help understand better to the audience.

Purchase a paid domain:-

If you purchase a paid custom domain , it will help you to get more organic traffic from search engines.

Purchase a Hosting:-

You need to purchase a advanced hosting provider like, google cloud, AWS cloud etc. It will give you faster surfing experience and improving page response time.

Follow others blogger:-

Read and research over other blogger that is on similar topics based. Make your own thought and write.

Social Sharing:-

After uploading any content in your websites, you must share it through social networking like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp, Reddit, messenger etc.

Register your website in Google search console and Microsoft Bing search:-

Verify your website’s ownership at Google search console and Microsoft Bing search . If possible manually add your URL in your search console.

Register at WebWiki:-

Register your websites at Webwiki by giving websites information and ownership.

Don’t use more plugin.

If you are build your site in WordPress then you should not use more than 15 plugin. Otherwise sites may get slow.

Don’t use more java script.

If you build your site over ghost platform then you should use very less number of java script. Otherwise it will slowdown your page response time.

Write article descriptive type:-

If possible write your article over 650 words, you can write up to 2000 words. Use line break and write to the depth of articles.

Use high definition copyright free images:-

You can use hd images to understand the topics better to the audience. Your articles will be also catchy to audience.

Post professional blogger interview:-

You can post top rankings professional blogger interview, it will help you to gain more audience.

Free Giveway.

You can spend money in free giveway on your site to attract audience at monthly basic. It will give you more visitor on your site.

Regular writing important:-

At least 3 contents need to be posted in your websites each week. It will helps your site to rank better.

Write contents on audience oriented:-

Make your contents on audience oriented, it will help to attract audience more.

Update old content:-

You have to update your back dated content. Otherwise it will not be useful in upcoming days.

Check grammar and spelling:-

After writing articles check spelling mistakes and grammars. If you are amateur writer then you can use these websites for checking grammar and spelling https://www.grammarly.com/.

Reply Audience:-

Always reply to your audience in the comment box. You should answer their question in regular basis.

SSL Certificate Installing:-

SSL means Secure Socket Layer. It will certify your websites and helps your site to rank better.

Use of Cloud fare:-

Secure your websites with cloud fare, it ensures security of your site.

Grow your email List:-

Use plugin of subscribe in your blog to collect email id of your audience. You can mail them letter on posting new articles.

Make Category:-

Make different categories for different contents. It will help to find suitable articles by own choices easily.

Forgive Haters:-

There is always a few bad persons available in the world. If they comes to your site and criticize you to write, then you should ignore and forgive them. Don’t listen to them.

Learn a bit of coding:-

If you want to maintain a blog on your own then you should learn a bit of coding like Java, PHP etc.

These tips helps you to success in blogging platform and grow for future. Thanks.

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