5 Adsense alternative for new blogger

Are you feeling depressed for monetizing your new blog account. Ad network like Adsense don’t just give you approval after making a new blog. You have to fulfill their minimum requirement before applying. Sometimes new blogger demotivated from making content without financial support. For them, some of the ad networks are extend their supports to the new blogger by giving instant approval after signup. They don’t have any requirement for joining as long as content is legal. I will discuss here about 5 such networks that really pays you from the beginning of the approval day.

Top 5 adsense alternatives:-

1. Adsterra:-

Adsterra is founded in 2013. This will give you instant approval after applying.  It pays a lot less amount than Adsense. Here Social ad, Banner ad, Pop up, Pop under, Popounder, Native ad, Video ad, Push ad are available. You have to add size of banner to generate code. 18000+ publishers available in these network.The platform is very easy to use and has a great customer support. Different types of advertising available like, eCommerce, games, Sweepstacks, binary, crypto, pin submit and utilities etc. Minimum payout is 5 dollar for Paxum and web money. 100 Dollar for Bitcoin and Paypal. 1000 dollar for wire transfer. If you reach minimum threshold by 15th of the month, you will be paid in the 1st of the next month.

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2. PopAds:-

PopAds is a best paying ad network for pop ads. This is very easy to get approval from PopAds within 24 hours. After adding website in PopAds, just generate HTML code and paste in header section of the site. It will work instantly when you click anywhere of the site. Sometimes these types of ads are annoying the users to visit the websites, but it will give you good revenue. Minimum withdrawal is only 5 dollar for PayPal and Alert Pay and for Wire Transfer it is 500 dollar. It has referral policy for publishers with 10% commission.

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3. Yllix:-

Yllix is a very good ad network for publisher since 2012. After sign up you can generate HTML code here, no need to add websites. It will automatically add your websites after getting 20 impressions. Sites older than 10 days that had zero impressions in the last 7 days will get removed directly from the system. Here Banner ad, In app Banner Ad, Redirect Ad, Slider & Anchor ad, Pop up under & Tab up Under Ad, Direct link are available. Push Notification ad also available here, if visitors subscribe push notification then you will earn money from each visitor.

This has affiliate commission available for publishers up to 10 % ( Up to Amount of 100 dollar for new referral). It offers daily payments through paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, DogeCoin, Zcash, Tether, Payoneer, Ethereum etc. Minimum amount for paypal is 1 dollar, 50 dollar for payoneer, 10 dollar for Cryptocurrencies and 100 dollar for wire transfer.

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4. PropellerAds:-

Propeller Ads is self service advertising network since 2011. This ad network is easy to approve after sign up. It supports all types of banner ads, video ads and click ads and has 25 million+conversions monthly. Ad network has 32k+ active advertiser, 70k ad campaign and 1 billion+ audience coverage. No minimum traffic required for applying propeller ads. Minimum amount for withdraw is 5 dollar for paypal, 20 dollar for payoneer and 550 dollar for wire transfer. First withdrawal after registration is being hold for 14 days for verifying.

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5. Infolinks:-

Infolinks is a innovative ad network since 2007. No minimum traffic required for applying Infolinks. This ad network offers banner ads, text link ads, Tag ads and smart ads and has 3,50,000 websites worldwide, 240 million monthly users, 1.5 billion monthly ad views. It does not work with fixed CPM rates for every advertiser and It offers different payment method for publisher like PayPal, Wire transfer, Check, ACH and Payoneer etc. Minimum threshold is 50 dollar for paypal, check, payoneer, ACH; 100 dollar for wire transfer even 1000 dollar for few countries. Infolinks is always open for every publisher.

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