5 Best Free Blogging Sites in 2021

If you want to setting up your own blog and build your own audience back to your platform from Social Networking site and you want share your writing with the world. People sometimes get succeed to post anything at Social networking site but In the blog It takes some time to set up and build your audience in your platform. If you are starting as a beginner then it is important to choose a platform that is very much easy to set up, doesn’t require coding and easy to maintain. Here we discuss few sites to help start your own blog and grow up.


If there is a platform for beginners, it is Blogger. This is a free blogging platform that is easy to use for anyone who is just starting to blog. With this platform, users only need to write their content, add photos and publish them. Blogger.com also allows users to edit HTML and add it to the blog, while many beginner blogging sites do not provide these tools. Blogger is a Google service, so users must have a Google account . This is also one of the blogging platforms that many bloggers leave once they learn more about blogging, because it doesn’t have any upgrade options. Its features are

It is totally free to use.

It takes cares hosting service, Maintenance and other things.

It has several friendly template available.

Useful anti spam comment features.

A few Design options available.

Limited Blogging Tools.

Blogger has been around over few years and doesn’t offer the features and layout options like WordPress and the most popular blogging platform today, but it’s free. The only cost a blogger has to pay is owning a domain name. If you use your own domain, you must purchase it from a domain register. If you don’t choose your own domain name, you can get a free blogger subdomain like https://example.blogspot.com

2. WordPress.com :-

WordPress is one of the best websites for blogging on the internet. Millions of WordPress website users are grateful for the options it provides for blogging and editing. This platform is free and offers services such as hosting, the ability to have a customized domain name, linking your blog to social media, as well as popular features such as comments and polls without WordPress plugging. Many paid upgrades are also available. The biggest problem with this type of WordPress is that options like custom themes, plugins, and HTML editing are not available. However, WordPress.com also has a sister site, WordPress.org, which offers many other configuration options.With all the information available there, it can be easy to quickly learn this process so you can start customizing your site without any problems. Its features are

Easy installation with the included hosting setup wizard.

Optimized user-friendly interface.

Integrated features for the community.

Don’t worry about website maintenance.

The free version is very limited.

The free version offers several customization options.

Third party access to plugins .

Themes for a free commercial plan account, including branding and advertising.

WordPress.com is a great place to start a blog. If your blog is growing and you need more control, you can move your blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org and grow from there.

3. Ghost:-

Ghost is an open source blogging platform that provides a clean and simple interface that is very easy to use. It also provides a real-time preview of your messages as you type, making it easier to fix typing and coding errors. The platform is suitable for beginners due to its ease of use, but smart bloggers prefer the user interface to other blogging services. The downside of Ghost is that it is difficult to install at first, but once installed, it can be a great tool for any blogger. Its features are

Emphasis on blogging.

JavaScript-based interface.

Super-fast real-time blog post preview.

Built-in social media and SEO functions accelerated mobile page functions.

zero configuration,hosted version, custom functions can be easier.

Limited configuration options.

limited number of themes.

Self-hosted version is difficult to configure.

The self-hosted version of Ghost is completely free, but it is difficult to set up and not everyone can use it. Fortunately, Ghost also offers paid hosting plans. As with most paid plans, the more you pay, the more storage, bandwidth, and features you get.

4. Weebly:-

Weebly is another website builder that can be used not only for blogging but also for selling products and launching a portfolio. It is somewhat similar to Wix in that it offers a WYSIWYG editor with drag and drop controls. To add a custom button, simply drag and drop it onto the page. The same  thing will happen with  photo galleries, slideshows and other multimedia elements.Expert coding options are also not available on this platform. For bloggers looking to customize and customize the HTML or CSS of their blog, Weebly.com can be difficult as it mainly focuses serving people who want to create and update their blog quickly and easily. Its Features are:-

Ease of use with drag and drop blogging tools.

Powerful SEO features.

Integration with Google Analytics.

Several built-in functions.

Limited no of Integration with third parties.

Free plan features Weebly branding and subdomain.

On the free plan, you get five custom pages, a Weebly subdomain, 500MB storage, and ad spaces. As far as paid plans go, the initial plan comes with a custom domain name and costs just $4 a month.

5. Medium:-

Medium is a multipurpose platform for a wide variety of topics, and everyone can write to their account. The big advantage of Medium, unlike most other free blogging sites, is that 60 million readers have access to the platform, which allows a wide range of readers to access your articles. Medium includes  websites with custom HTML and CSS for advanced users. Its main features are

Totally focuses on blogging and content creation.

User interface that makes it quick and easy to sign up and get started.

Ability to embed content such as Twitter and YouTube.

Few customization options.

User do not have control on content.

Less  Marketing Monetization options available.

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