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Convesio is managed WordPress hosting company that ensures secure and fastest WordPress hosting powered by docker. They provide a full range of services for your WordPress site. The infrastructure is set up quickly, and it uses the innovative Docker platform. Convesio is specially optimized for WordPress. It is designed for bloggers and businesses who want to focus on getting their websites running without worrying about updates, backups, and technical difficulties.

What is Convesio? 

Convesio was founded in 2018 by Tom Fanelli. He is currently CEO of the Convesio, a senior marketer, and developer who has worked for many fortune 500 companies since July 2001. The CEO tested almost dozens of web hosting to find a suitable web hosting that will have 100 percent uptime, performance, and security. At last, he was frustrated by seeing the result. Then he decided to develop a hosting by himself. After spending a few thousand hours and a few sleepless nights, Convesio was launched. You can say it is a next-generation of managed WordPress hosting to host WordPress sites.

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Is Managed WordPress hosting for every website owner?

In my last few years of experience, I am saying that it is difficult to handle all the technical difficulties of maintaining a website as a newbie if FAQs and email support don’t help either.

With managed WordPress hosting, the host handles everything like WordPress installation, security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, CDN service, and site uptime. Managed WordPress hosting can be overwhelming for a small website owner or just a beginner. In this case, a simple shared hosting may be sufficient. Shared hosting can be ideal if you have less than 1000 visitors per month.

As soon as you get traffic more than that then you can consider a managed hosting provider. As a website owner, you should focus on building an audience, keyword searching, and being creative. You need not worry about hosting. Managed web hosting companies are there to offer you to provide fully managed hosting plans. They will handle all of these problems so you can focus on your work.

Convesio Features

Convesio claims as the first self-healing, auto-scaling platform to create and manage WordPress sites. Besides an excellent content delivery network, Convesio also offers DDoS protection. They use Docker containers to provide 100 percent uptime for basic to advanced customers.

  1. 100 Percent uptime:- It uses load balancer containers to reduce the traffic load that ensures the site is online for all time. If your site goes down for any causes this platform redevelops the container.
  2. Auto Scaling:- This is a great feature in Convesio. Because when your site receives a lot of traffic, it will automatically deploy several containers to handle the load. There is no chance for a crush down the server.
  3. Automatic Backups:- You can schedule automatic backup every 3 hours. Also, can schedule up to 15 days.
  4. Fast Caching:- It provides CDN services through a custom caching layer to boost up site speed at different locations.
  5. Security:- Convesio monitors your site to detect malware and any kind of thread at initial.

Convesio Plans and features

Prices in dollars/Month50100150350
WordPress Install Nos.111Multiple
Monthly visitors10000500001,50000Custom/pricing
Memory512 MB1 GB2 GBCustomized
Storage 5 GB10 GB10 GBCustomized
PHP worker4816Customized
Support PackageEssential support packageEssentials Support Package +
(Faster response and
Basic speed optimization)
Pro Support PackageCustom Support Package
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General Info & Hosting Overview about Convesio

Average load time1.5 s
GT matrix GradeA
Google page speed insight mobile/computer99/99
GT matrix performance100%
HTTP failures0
Starting price50$
Free trial30 days free trial available.
Basic FeaturesFree SSL certificate, automatic backups, fast caching, WordPress install within a minute, Automated Malware Patching and DDoS protection, etc.
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They used the combination of open-source software and proprietary code to solve the challenges of running WordPress in a scalable and accessible environment.

hosting architecture



Convesio Advantages and Disadvantages


100% uptime:- Convesio claims to maintain 100% uptime to keep customer’s websites perform against competitors.

CDN Service:- They will provide excellent page speed insight for every website. For this, they use multiple data centers worldwide to ensure good page response time. Low page response time makes the website rank better in search engines.

Docker Containers Facility:- They use the Docker Container facility to handle the load of traffic to ensure higher availability and scaling in your website.

Free Trial Available:- Convesio allows you to start their free trial service for 30 days. You can also book 30 min demo to inspect their service.

Customer Support:- Convesio is dedicated to great customer support to their customers. They are 24/7 available online to ensure quick email and phone support. In addition, they are also providing truly live chat support and reply within 10 sec after the message is sent. That means if you have a problem with your website, no matter what kind of problem it is, you will get a fast response from them.

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Expensive:- The foundation plan starts from 50 dollars/month which is expensive for newbies. They don’t have the cheapest plan for the new website owners and the first three plans of Convesio, you can host only one website. This is a little bit expensive for one website.

Besides being expensive, they do not have such disadvantages at all.

FAQs About Convesio

1. Do We Recommend Conversio?

Yes, we recommend Convesio.

It has the next generation WordPress hosting features such as Bluehost, digital ocean, and HostGator. Convesio is the best WordPress hosting because of its reliability, ease of use, and auto-scaling features. It also offers robust security options, high-performance servers for high-speed web hosting, a 30-year free trial, one-click WordPress installation, and four hosting plans. Plans start from $ 50 per month with special discounts. It can’t be ignored.

2. Is Convesio A Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes, Convesio is a managed WordPress hosting provider because it handles basic hosting administrative tasks such as one-click WordPress install, automated backups, core updates, and server-level caching.

3. Is Convesio Legit?

Yes. Conversio is a totally legitimate hosting provider.  

4. Does convesio provide hosting for Woo Commerce?

Convesio is the next generation hosting for Woo Commerce. You don’t need to worry about hosting if crowds rush to your site rapidly and they will never leave you disappointed. They run tests on your site to check the performance and identify if your current hosting plan is able to handle the current traffic spike.

5. What happens if the WordPress site becomes hacked after using Convesio hosting?

When you switch to Convesio, they will repair your website for free. If the site gets hacked again they will fix it again without taking any price.

6. Does convesio have an affiliate program?

They have very good affiliate programs for publishers. They will share 100% of revenue with the publisher for the first month. Thereafter, you will get a commission of 20% rest of the subscription life of the customer and they also have 60 days cookies duration facility to ensure you get credit.

Final Words

Convesio undoubtedly provides managed WordPress hosting service that can be great for bloggers, Woo Commerce site owners, and developers who are planning to launch a site without any interruptions. Convesio is always great for WordPress hosting. But the decision is always yours what you will choose.

Good luck.

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