Best WordPress hosting in 2021

Hosting takes a important role to maintain site’s health and reliability. Site’s performance mainly depends on hosting provider. If you have a site on wordpress or planning to use wordpress in future, you need to know about best hosting provider with very good back up. There are so many hosting provider available like A2 hosting, Digital Ocean, Bluehost, WP Engine etc. It is quite difficult to find right one for your site. You can choose different packages according to the traffic quantity. Like for less than 10000 per month traffic you should go with basic plan. And 10000/month to 50000/month traffic you should go with moderate plan. Above 50000/month you should go with the advanced premium option. I will discuss about few hosting providers that are extremely affordable for beginner as well as expert.


It is a web hosting and domain register company established at 2004, situated at Lithuania. They have more than 29 million active users in 178 countries. It provides very cheap hosting service to the user. Not only they provide cheap hosting plan but also they delivers very fast loading results. It is quite cheap from others hosting providers. They provide hosting service as low as 1.39$ /month for country like USA and only 79 Rupees/ month for country like India. They also offers domain name.


host 1
Source: Hostinger

2. A2Hosting:-

It is a very fast, reliable, leader in web hosting. It provides high performance web hosting solution for website. You can transfer your domain at A2hosting from another registrar. 24/7/365 supports are available here. Site speed will increase up to 20 times after using A2Hosting i.e. site will get better seo ranking, lower bounce rate and very high conversion rate. It’s shared hosting starting from as low as 1.99 $ per month. Dedicated hosting server is also as low as 99.99 $ per month. It will give you free SSL certificate, free SSD and Free SSH access. The most popular five plans are

  1. Startup Shared- 1.99 dollar monthly.
  2. Unmanaged VPS- 4.99 dollar monthly.
  3. Turbo boost Hosting – 5.99 dollar monthly.
  4. Managed VPS- 29.99 dollar monthly.
  5. Dedicated Server- 99.99 dollar monthly.
A2 hosting
Source: A2hosting

3. Bluehost:-

It is one of the largest web hosting company established at 2003, situated at Utah in United States. They have more than 2 million plus users all over the world. They provide very secure and reliable hosting service. It is recommended by wordpress. It provide premium cloudflare CDN service for free. 24/7 supports available from from professional expert. It’s web hosting starting as low as 2.95 dollar per month.


  1. WordPress Hosting- 2.95 dollar per month.
  2. Online store Hosting – 12.95 dollar per month.
  3. Managed WordPress- 9.95 dollar per month.
Source: Bluehost

4. WP Engine:-

It is a web hosting company managed by wordpress established at 2010, situated at Texas in United States. It has more than 1.2 millions active users available in 150 countries.


Host 2
Wp engine
Source: WP Engine

5. Kinsta:-

It is a premium hosting managed by wordpress for everyone. It uses cutting edge technology with daily back up. It is user friendly, designed for beginners as well as experts. It is like a control center for your site. It gives you free SSL and CDN certificate. 2 months free hosting available if you paid for yearly pack and 30 days money back guarantee.


Host 3
Source: Kinsta

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