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Clubhouse social audio app is now available for all worldwide android and ios users. The clubhouse app is become very popular after it is being used by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Facebook founder Mark zuckerberg. It was initially released at Apple ios store. Now it is available in android play store to download. Clubhouse android app is compatible with android 7.0 or higher version of android. It is compatible with 13.0 or over in ios store.

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It is still available based on wait listing and through invitation only. Users need to sign up through existing user’s invitation. It is a place for causal audio conversations with interesting people of the world. It has now crossed 10 million downloads in ios store and in play store crossed 5 million+ downloads. Instagram, facebook, linkedin, twitter are reportedly working on audio chat related features.

Alpha Exploration Co developed the clubhouse app. You can visit their website

The main features of the app is to create a virtual room to communicate each other by audio communication. Users need to approve by moderator to join closed room for audio chat. Clubhouse was banned for lacking of proper licence to operate in some countries like Oman, china, Jordan, United Arabs, Egypt, Iran etc.

You can visit the app in google play store by clicking here

Clubhouse says they are still open for new user but through existing user invitation and says it will be soon available for millions of users.

At 27th June 2021 Clubhouse tweeted Town hall highlights.

Another tweet they are getting closer of 2 million+ android users everyday.

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