Difference Between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO


Whenever you create a new website or personal blog, you want more people visit your blog daily. So, you need more organic traffic from search engine. Thatswhy, SEO optimization is required to rank better in search engine. To get good ranking in SEO you need to follow many procedures. These procedures can be eithical or can be unethical. Like a hero and villain in the movie we can divide SEO techniques by two categories. One is White Hat SEO and another is Black Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO:-

White Hat SEO technique is the type of technique used in seo that follow the search engine’s rules and guidelines to optimize site performance. This will increase the position of website on SERP with rights and legal techniques. It is the process of long terms to get result. The main techniques are in white hat seo keyword researching, rewrite meta tags, back links and guest posting etc.

One more thing you can say for white hat seo that these strategies are taking more care of adding the true value of your website on the basis of visitor experience. If you want to have a long term relationship with the visitors, then you have to keep the content and website structure according to them so that it can be a good experience for them to come to your site. When you offer genuine and useful content to the visitors, then the visitors remember your website and the chances of coming back are also high. There are few examples of White Hat seo techniques

  1. Making genuine and focused content on titles.
  2. Keyword research and relevant keywords.
  3. Friendly site structure with light weight theme.
  4. Guest posting.
  5. Back links.
  6. Keyword rich meta tags.
  7. Fast loading pages.
  8. Write for readers.

Black Hat SEO:-

Black hat seo does the follow the rules and guidelines of search engines. It only focuses on search engine not on audience. This strategy can be used to get quick return to their website. Now this strategies are using more who want to work for short time period. These strategy is very risky and can be easily detectable by search engine. For using these types of techniques few websites sometimes banned from indexing in search engine and also penalized with lower ranking.

A aggressive unethical techniques are used to increase the traffic of the site. Some of the examples of using these techniques are

  1. Keyword stuffing.
  2. Hidden text.
  3. Article spinning.
  4. Rewrite Articles.
  5. Copyright content .
  6. Cloaking
  7. Exchanging links for rankings.
  8. Spamming keywords.


Few marketers are now using the black hat seo method to get quick traffic from search engine. But it is a risky process. Search engine like google always give priority to the quality, genuine content and good user experience.

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