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Task mate app owned by google now available in beta Version for limited users only. It is a type of app that provides simple tasks, pictures and answering some survey questions about your interest. You can participate the tasks that are available for you, If you don’t want you can skip also. You will get more number of tasks if your accuracy is high enough and you answered the questions very carefully. When your performance increases time to time then you will get new tasks also.

How To Install the App:-  

  1. Search For ” Task Mate” in the google play store.
  2. Download and Install the app and Open it.
  3. You have to provide a gmail account and get started.
  4. Select your app language English / Hindi
  5. Provide genuine 6 digit invitation code that is provided by google.
  6. After putting 6 digit code , click on continue, then accept agreement page .

Now you are at home of task mate app. You will see the available tasks for you. Start Earning.

( Now It is open only through invitation code)

You will be get paid through your local currency for task you completed accurately. When you want to cash out, signup with your payment account and click the cash out options. Accounts balances will be shown in dollar amount but don’t worry, You will be get paid in your local currency.

Facts when doing task:-

  1. All tasks are not available for everyone. Earner must provide some introductory questions for specific jobs , if he/she is qualified enough then it is suitable for him/her otherwise not.
  2. If the Taskers don’t satisfy with your answers then he might reject the task, your accuracy may get low. So, if you don’t know about any task , skip it. These will not affect your accuracy.
  3. Task mate says invitation is limited . They are not ready for extend invitation for now. Tasks mate do not recommended buying code from anyone. These codes are not real. When they want to extend invitation then you can get a invite code through them. Many spammers are distributing fake codes . Don’t get involve to fraudulent activity.


There are four levels available

  1. Bronze:- when you starting with basic tasks.
  2. Silver:- When you have successfully completed at least 20 tasks.
  3. Gold:- When you have completed at least 500 tasks.
  4. Platinum:- When you at least 1000 tasks completed.

Task Mate app may be coming soon for everyone. Wait for it. When Invitation code available I will share it with you in comment section. Subscribe us for more update.

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