Explained What is black fungus?

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What is Mucormycosis ? Mucormycosis or black fungus is a serious and very rare fungal infection. Mucormycetes live throughout the environment and it’s spores are commonly found in soils, plants, vegetables and decaying fruits. It affects the sinuses, brain, lungs . It can be life threatening for diabetics people, cancer patient people and HIV patients.

How it is entered in our body ? Doctors believe that If it enters from wound area or through skin then it can cause small infection. If it is enters through nose then it can affects eyes, brain and lungs.

Which causes the chances of infection? Doctors believes that below points are the main causes the infection.

  1. very poor diabetics control
  2. Weaker immune system due to use of steroids.
  3. Post organ transplant
  4. Pro longed hospital stay.
  5. Weaker immune system after recovery from covid 19.
  6. Who have been a ventilator for a long time.

Symptoms:- Its main symptoms are

  1. If your lungs are affected by the fungus, you can experience cough, chest pain, and shortness of breath etc.
  2. Some patients are also saying that their eyesight are gone after infection.
  3. Dark spot also seen around the nose of the infected patients.

Doctor are not sure about its Mortally rate. But some researchers say it can be 54%.

How it can be prevented?

The most effective way to protect from these fungus use mask when you working gardens, nearby to garbage and dirty places. If you are diabetic patient then you must check your sugar level daily. Wear cloths that do not expose your skins. If you have symptoms then you should consult a doctor.

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