fi money account opening benefits

Fi-money is a very innovative banking infrastructure for the digital generation. They have no physical branches but Fi-money can reduce your banking charges drastically or waive off your fees entirely. There are no hidden fees for using this bank account. For now, Working professionals are eligible to open accounts.

Features and Benefits:-

Is there a minimum balance?

No minimum balance fees here. You can use this account with a very nominal balance or zero balance.

How much interest can you earn on your savings account balances?

3% is the interest rate for Fi-money Savings Accounts.

What about interest rates on Fixed Deposits and Smart Deposits?

Is there any maintenance fee for this account?

0 fees.

What about debit cards?

On opening a Fi Savings money Account, every user will receive a free VISA Platinum Debit CardZero annual card maintenance charges and No issuance fees.

International transaction? They have waived off international transaction charges.

How many free ATM transactions are available each month?

Withdrawals from any Federal Bank ATM are free always.
At other ATMs, 5 free transactions are available every month. After that, they will charge 21 Rs per transaction.

In case of International atm transactions they charge 100 Rs per transaction and 25 Rs for non-financial transactions ( Like generating a Mini Statement/Balance Enquiry etc).

Card Replacements Charges-

You can get a replacement card for Rs. 250.

Chequebook Charges-

A checkbook with 10 cheque leaves price is Rs 100.

SMS /Email updates/ Mobile Banking/ Internet Banking-

Stay updated, free of charge.
Get instant notifications the second you pay or get paid.

Fuel surcharge-

For POS transactions at Petrol Pumps, you can expect a surcharge.
It’s 2.5% of the transaction amount or Rs. 10, whichever is higher.

Fi money customer care number

Phone 08047485490


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