How can I increase organic traffic at my blogger blog as its a new blog?

Starting a blog has become very easy with platform like Blogger, wordpress, weebly, Wix etc. Increase organic traffic is combination of both art and culture. Every entrepreneur who started a blog faced the frustration initially. Readers does not come to blog magically, it takes some time and work to build up audiences. It is easier very much to get frustrated, give up writing thing at initial stage. Once you are experienced with it and at least your blog is 6 months old you will get traffic gradually .You need to keep patience till the end. I will discuss few ways to increase blog traffic. Read it out.

  1. Write more:– If you write more article and publish at regular interval then there is a more possibility you will get more traffic . Google search engine likes fresh article on website regular basis. So keep update your blog weekly.
  2. Trending Article:– First thing you do keyword search on google trends. You start write articles with trending topics, then you will get more traffic.
  3. Register at Google Search Console & Bing :– You need to submit your website to Search console ,Bing and verify ownership of your site.
  4. SEO Checking:- You have to check your website with SEO checker and read the task list of SEO improvements. Then you have to solve all SEO improvement task.
  5. Social Sharing:– Share each new blog post via facebook, instagram, linkedin, pinterest, youtube, whatsapp, reddit, twitter etc. More you share more you will get traffic.
  6. Select Suitable Title:– Select suitable title is more important for blog. Because Reader click the articles by looking suitable title. So, Pay attention to Title.
  7. Include Photo:- You need to add photo related to content. Images makes the topics clear more to the readers.
  8. Add videos:- If possible add video links of the topics. You can add short videos or provide youtube video link.
  9. Add Backlinks:- A backlink is a important link from external websites. It helps google SEO improvement. Getting backlinks are not easier for anyone. you should follow some steps to do these

<1>Write guest post on other blogs and websites.

<2>Add a link to your website on your all social media profiles.

<3>Submit your website at Webwiki.

10. Domain:– Use a top level  paid domain to get good SEO result.

These tips will help you to increase your blog traffic and grow your blog.

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