How do I get traffic for YouTube videos?

You are wondering how you get traffic for you tube videos? Trying to reach new visitors? . Alright, I am answering your top questions to help you get the most out of your channel.

  1. Make a right thumbnail:- If you are new in you tube, audience does not know about you or what kind of video you make. So you have to show them good impression by choose right thumbnail for your particular video. If your thumbnail is not relevant to your video then viewer will skip your video. So, it is very important to make correct thumbnail related to video.
  2. Quality and Keyword rich Description:- The video description must be include what is video all about, these will increases click through rate and views. Quality and good description informs search engine to perform better.
  3. Valuable tag:- Good video oriented tags helps you to understand the algorithm that what views want to see.You can use quite a few tags, so add as many as you can think .
  4. Pay attention to comments:- You have to engage with your audience, take your time to read their comments and question. Reply their question and ask them what they are really want. Make audience choice videos, then your channel will grow fast.
  5. Make a Unique Content:- Your contents must be unique that is different from others. You should not create copyright thing from others. You must be honest and make your video by showing your own views over it. Select a trending topic and give your own view.
  6. Share your Video:- Share your video social networking site as many as possible .You have to focus Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Whats app, Google drive, gmail, LinkedIn,and all messaging platform.
  7. Make playlist for different video:- Different playlist helps the user to find right videos in right areas. They can play video in sequence .
  8. Last Thing :- If your channel is new then you must upload video regular basis or regular interval, then algorithm performs better for your channel.

Quote:- What kind of videos does the algorithm like most?

Believe it or not, our algorithm does not have an opinion about the content you make. It actually focuses on what viewers might enjoy based on the things like videos they have watched , likes, dislikes and feedback. So, Instead of thinking to the You Tube algorithm, concentrate on your audience. If you do ,the Algorithm will follow.”

Best of Luck……

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