how does Reddit karma work

Reddit karma is quite different from real-life karma. In this article, I will discuss the full concept of Reddit karma.

What is Reddit Karma:-

In Reddit, karma is a score that is present in the Reddit profile. Karma points reflect how much a user has contributed to the community of Reddit. When a post or comment gets upvoted by someone, then the user gains some karma.

Many people think it is a fake internet point. It has no work with the Reddit community. But it’s not true. These points can have real meaning to the community they contribute to. Your karma points are shown on your profile.

How does karma work?

When someone gets upvote your post or comment, you will get karma points. You will lose karma points when someone downvotes your post or comment. Neither you can buy this karma by using the Reddit premium version nor using Reddit coins. It totally depends on how much you contributed to the community.

How is karma calculated?

When your post/comment gets upvoted, you will gain some karma points. As many upvotes you will get, you will gain more karma points. Another way when you receive awards from Reddit, you will earn some karma. Initially, when you start earning karma points, it looks like a 1: 1 relationship. That means every upvote adds one karma point. But once you will reach 400 karma or more, then this formula will not work. Reddit uses a type of algorithm to calculate karma that you can’t know how it works. You can say the user will earn less karma on each upvote than initial times.

How to earn karma quickly on Reddit?

There are few communities available where you can get karma points easily without any hassle.

1. Joins subreddit like r/dog, r/funny, r/gif where millions of users visit monthly. You need to post something funny or attractive to grab their attention to your post. It may be a cute picture, gif, or joke. Everyone likes to upvote this kind of content.

2. Join subreddit like r/news, r/worldnews where millions of people hang out daily. You just need to post trending articles from a biggie news website like CNN, BBC, Washington Post, etc. As soon as people like the story, they will upvote your post, and you will gain more karma.

3. Another good technique to gather karma is to make a good comment on a recent post that looks like it can be trendy. By doing these, you can earn more karma.

4. Use a subreddit like r/AskReddit and you can ask any question that you really want to know. These techniques will help you to gain more karma in a short interval.

Benefits for having more karma:-

1. It’s like a key that helps to unlock. It will open a lot of features for you. Like, When you join initially, after one post you need to wait for 10 minutes for another post. But once you have enough karma, then that limit goes away.

2. Few subreddit require minimum karma to join/post in the community. For example subreddit like r/CryptoMoonShots/ need 2000 karma to submit a new post, and 50 karma to comment.

3. When you have more karma points you will get more chances for self-promotion.

4. You will gain more trust and reputation from the Reddit community and users.

So, don’t aim to accumulate karma, just maintain good relations with the community, it will automatically reflect your karma.

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