how to add google translate extension in chrome

To add Google Translate extension, you will need to perform the following steps:

Step 1:- Open Google Chrome and search for the Google Chrome Web Store.

Step 2:- Open google chrome web store then, As you navigate to the Google Chrome Web Store’s home page, type Google Translate in the search bar that appears at the top left corner and then press the Enter key for the search results to be displayed as shown in the image below-

Step 3:- Now click on the Add to Chrome button at the right side of the page as shown below

Step 4:- As soon as you will click on this button, a confirmation dialogue box will open on your screen. Just click on the Add extension button on this dialogue box to confirm as shown below

Step 5:- Clicking on the extension icon will display a list of all of your installed extensions. From here, click on the pin icon located beside Google Translate so that the icon of this extension can appear on your address bar .

Step 6:- Once you have done this, now search for anything on Google Chrome. and you can translate whole page.

By using these method you will translate whole page .

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