How to add one click youtube subscribe button to site

YouTube is most popular online video streaming platform. It is also a great platform to make money by monetizing with adsense. For new youtuber it is very hard to gain subscriber within few months of starting. YouTube make it easy to create a button link for YouTube channel. When you click on the link it will open in new tab of the browser then a pop up will appear to confirm channel subscription.

How to create a subscribe link:-

  1. Login your YouTube channel by entering email id and password.
  2. Select Your channel from your channel profile icon.

3. Now copy of your channel URL . Add ?sub_confirmation=1 after your youtube channel URL.

If YouTube channel URL is

then the subscription link will be

You can shorten this long URL by using any online tool like TinyURL, BITLY etc.

Like, I made it short by using TinyURL

Your one click YouTube subscription link is ready to use. Now you can share this link through your website/blog or social media to gain more subscriber.

This link works inside the browser on any device. It may mobile, computer, tablet or Chromebook.

Generate Subscription link by online tool:-

You can also generate subscription by Entendy generator. You will need to paste your channel link URL. After that when you click on generate subscribe link, it will automatically generate your subscribe button link for sharing.

Source: Entendy

Visit Entendy to generate custom link for YouTube subscription.

For using YouTube subscription button you need to follow following YouTube’s guidelines

YouTube Guidelines

If you violet above terms of YouTube’s then it can lead to terminate your YouTube account. So, be aware before using this subscribe button.

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