How to Backup a WordPress Site for Free

WordPress site backup is very important for us. If any bad thing happens like hosting crashes, unknowingly deleted data on your own or site was hacked by attackers you might get trouble if you don’t have any backup. So, It is very much necessary for you to get backup your site database in a regular interval. So, here I am discussing here about a very popular and user friendly backup plugin named as ‘Updraft Plus‘ with full setting and installation guidance. Follow the tutorial to know more

Full Tutorial:-

  1. Go to site dashboard. Find the plugin option. Put the cursor on plugin and Then click on add new.

2. Search by name Updraft plus . You will see updraft plus plugin in the upper right side. Click on install now.

3. After installing plugin click on activate.

4. Go back to the dashboard setting options. Then go the updraft plus backups.

5. Then go the setting option inside the updraft plus.

6. Files backup schedule and database backup schedule set at Manual or you can schedule on daily,weekly or choose other option. Select your remote storage at Google drive if you want to store at Google drive, otherwise you can choose another storage.

7. Rename the google drive folder like I named it as Updraft plus. Backup folder inside the google drive will be created by these name.

8. Tick all three options plugins, themes, uploads.

9. Tick the email box to get report at your email id when backup files will be created by updraft plus. Each time backups will be done, you will get a email alert.

10. Open these link in new tab as shown below

11. Select your Google drive account where you want to store backup files.

12. Click on allow option.

13. Click on complete setup option to connected with google drive account.

14. Then click on save changes option to save all updraft plus setting.

15. Click on Backup Now option (1st step) . Then a popup window will be created . Tick all four boxes. Click on back up now.(2nd Step)

16. Within a few seconds Backup files will be created here.

17. Go to your google drive account. Check the folder name that you named at 7th step. Like I named as Updraft plus.

18. Open the Updraft plus folder. A total of five files will be there for database, plugins, themes, uploads and others. Check and confirm these.

19. Now your back up is ready inside the google drive as well as wordpress dashboard. Now you can restore your backup by clicking Restore option. Or, You can upload backup files from google drive folder at Upload backup files.

This is the end of the tutorial. If you are finding any difficulties during the process, you can comment us.

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