How to be a good friend

Old proverb says,”A friend in need is a friend in deed“, that means a friend who helps you when you really need help is a true friend. Friendship is one of the best gift anyone’s life. Friends will come and go in your life. A goods friends is always there for you no matter what , don’t judge you, very kind and respectable to you, never put you down or hurt your feelings, loyal and trustworthy, makes you laugh, sticks around over tough times,spending quality time,being a good listener,offers support through tough times.

How to be a good friend?

  1. Honesty:– Honesty is  the certain things that can tell you the truth instead of lying to you to keep you happy. Nobody wants to be a friend with someone who lies. Friends will tell you the truth one another even harder times. Honesty gives the faith and reliable with good friends.
  2. Listen to them:- You have to listen friends problems or issues in a tough situation. Try to understand from friends points of view. A good friend pays attention to the details to understand the heart of your friend.
  3. Make time for your friend:- Remind them your friend that you always there for your friend. Keeping in touch and cheering him up is very important. No friendship can develop overnight. Give your friends time to understand each other very well.
  4. Be loyal:- If anything your friend sharing with you with confidence then keep it with you, don’t tell about these others just as your friend expected from you. Don’t discuss your friend behind him back. Don’t lie or don’t spread rumors about your friend. Never say anything that your friends feelings become hurt. Be loyal to your friend every time and defend him from new friends or people you barely know .
  5. Encourage your friend:– If your friends want develop or build something that is not easy task then You should encourage or motivate to get success. Find specific ways to encourage.
  6. Learn to forgive:– If you want your friendship will go to last, then you should learn to forgive your friend and yourself. If you hold your ego , bitterness and sentiment then you won’t able to go ahead. One thing you should remember that no one is perfect in the world so happy with it what you got.
  7. Try and Improve his life:– You should try to improve his life through friendships. If you do then Friendship will go till last.
  8. Ask them what he need:- If you worried about your friend , want to be there then you should ask your friend what he need. You can offer him support during tough times.
  9. Give thoughtful advice:– Don’t judge your friend. Give thoughtful advice to reach out. You should suggest him the situation that you might do in the same circumstance.
  10. Keep in Touch:- If you do not stay nearby to your friend you should show him that you are there for him by communicating through phone call, video call, text and social media etc.

It takes lot of work and commitment to make a good friends So, never try to ruin it.

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