How to become a better writer

Learning, how to become a better writer depends on what you are thinking about writing, what you just write and what writing skills you have. To become a better writer is not that easy, it takes hard work. For writing grammar and Vocabulary knowledge is very important. There is no supernatural power or magic that will make you better writer. You have to express your creative sprite through writing .There is no short cut process of writing , you have to develop skills by practicing more and more. There are some principle that helps to speed up the writing process.

  1. Habit of Writing Everyday:– Practice makes perfect writing skills. At least daily writing just 15 minutes or one paragraph if possible more than one paragraph. Daily writing habit essential for developing growth as a better writer. After finished writing , you can check your grammar at It will help you to spot mistakes in the sentence.
  2. Habit of Reading:– A daily reading habit is also very essential for writing.If you do not read great writing then you will not write good . You should follow great writers , learned from them and apply it your own writing skill. If you read a lot then your vocabulary skills will also be strong. If you don’t understand any sentence then take help from dictionary . Pay attention to the sentence structure, words, adverbs , flow of writing.
  3. Select a Goal:- Before you can start writing content , you will need overview of specific content. If you don’t decide what points you should add, facts related to the content and basic structure of the content then you will not write.
  4. Eliminate Distraction:- Writing does not work with multitasking work , distraction or background noise. It is done in quiet. Turn off TV, Mobile notification, Email Notification , Chatting. You can remove all distraction things from your table because it’s writing time. Quiet environment helps you to think deeper and focused. In these way remove all distraction to keep concentration on writing.
  5. Sign up for free writing Course online:- You can join various free writing online classes like Udemy, Edx, Coursera, Hardvard University, The open University, Yale University, Standford University ,University of Michigan etc. You can take their only free courses. These will help you lot to learning about writing.
  6. Always think about your audience:- You should write with formal grammar that is understand by all readers. Don’t use Phases , Idioms or Buzzwords too much. Some buzzwords may be trendy but that doesn’t necessarily means they are effective to communicating to readers. Always use simple and meaningful words.
  7. Write Down Uncommon word:– When you are reading magazine, newspaper or any content , you should write down the uncommon word that you see first time. With the help of dictionary you have to write down the meaning of the word in the notebook. When you will write next day, you should try to apply these word in your writings.
  8. Get The Professionals In:– If you’re an amateur writer, then you can hire a  professional editor / writer. After writing of yours, Editor will check errors and mistakes of the content So he can modify it. It will take little cost to hire professional editor for temporary basis .
  9. Read your writing out loud:– You should read through it out loud quickly after completed writing. It may seem a little strange, but reading your writing out loud is one of the most finest ways to catch typing mistakes, grammar errors, and awkward phrasing etc.
  10. Revisions:– Revisions are very much important . At least 3 times revision required after writing.

<1> First,you have to check if you miss something in the paragraph, then edit it after findings.

<2>Second:- You have to check the grammar of all sentence and fix these.

<3> Lastly Read the total article , check titles, key words.

Final words- Write every single day if you can. If you found these tips are valuable then please comment me below. Thanks…………

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