How to change your Gmail password

Gmail account stores all protective personal information and necessary documents. It’s security is very much essential for us. Sometimes we think our gmail account password strength is not enough for coming future or need to update old password to a new secure one. So, you need to change the password of the gmail account. You have to follow following steps in order to change your gmail password. Let’s start

Full tutorial of changing gmail password:-

  1. Open your gmail account on web browser. Enter email id and password and login for gmail account. Go to the Google apps option on the upper right end. Click on it. You will see lot of options. From there select Account and click on it. Do as shown below.
Gmail 1

2. A new window will open. From there select security option at the left side of the window.

Gmail 2

3. You will see password option that shows last changed date >. Click on last changed date >

Gmail 3

4. Then google want you to login gmail once again by email id and password to confirm identity. To continue further you need to login as shown below.

Gmail 4

5. This is part where you need to create new password and confirm password. (Use at least 8 character password. I suggest you to create a password with mix of letters, numbers and symbols. Don’t use obvious password). Then click on change password.

Gmail 5

6. Your password has been changes successfully now. You will see the time of last changed.

Gmail 6

You can on 2 step verification and use your phone to sign in from there if you want to. Otherwise let it off as before.

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