how to check plagiarism online

If you are running a blog, you need to check each article’s plagiarism score to run advertisement on your blog. But if you fail to maintain the content quality, advertisement may disable from your website/blog. A number of free tools available online to check plagiarism online. You can check plagiarism by following four method.

  1. Paste the article text inside the box.
  2. Upload the text file.
  3. Entering the article’s URL
  4. Entering the website address/ domain name.

First three methods are suitable when you want to check one article at a time. But when your site is old enough,there a lot of contents in your site, then you should check plagiarism by number 4 method. Now we are going to discuss about top 5 online tool to check plagiarism on single article at a time. Let’s begin

1. Duplichecker:-

Duplichecker is completely free and fast online tool to check plagiarism online. First, You will need to visit duplichecker website and for checking plagiarism, copy the article text and paste it there. Otherwise you can upload file or you can enter your web page URL to check plagiarism. Then Click on check plagiarism. It will take few minutes to processing the result. You will see the Uniqueness of your content and matched sources if matched.

Top Benefits:-

  1. It is completely free.
  2. 24/7 available.
  3. Free up to 1000 words.
  4. Check from any device.
  5. Free paraphrasing tools available.
  6. No need to hire a professional to check plagiarism.
Source: Duplichecker

2. Smallseotool:-

It also works in the similar way like Duplichecker. You can check up to 1000 words at one search. You can check plagiarism by clicking here.

Source: smallseotool

3. Grammarly:-

Grammarly is a very popular website for checking grammar mistakes. You can use grammarly as a plagiarism checker. After click on scanning for plagiarism it will tell you instantly whether your content is original or copyrighted. In premium version you will see the matched sources. Visit Grammarly to check plagiarism.

Source: Grammarly

4. plagiarismdetector:-

It is also a very good online tool to check plagiarism online at free of cost. Visit the website to check copy score of your content. You can check up to 1000 words in free version. In premium you can check up to 25K words at one search.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Safety with your original content.
  3. 24/7 works.
  4. Multiples files supported.
  5. 100% accurate reports.
Source: plagiarismdetector

5. quetext:-

It is a online tool to check plagiarism online. Quetext uses advanced technology to check plagiarism. You need to free sign up to use their tools. You can check up to 2500 words at free.


  1. Uses deep search technology.
  2. Uses advanced technology to provide faster result.
  3. Free trial available.
  4. Privacy focused.
Source: quetext

Except these above five options, Copyscape and Siteliner are also available for full website scanning at a time.


In Copyscape you can check full site’s plagiarism at a time. But in free version you only see the matching result. You have to buy premium version to check if your content is original or not. In premium you can check up to 10,000 page at a time. You can use copysentry monitors email alert when copy is found in your site.



Siteliner is very good site to check duplicate content, Broken links. You can check the whole site by entering the website address. One disadvantage is that free scan is limited to 250 pages. You have to buy their premium plan in order to scan up to 25K pages at a time. It will show you the exact summary of your site contents. Summary includes Duplicate content, broken link, skipped pages, related domain and comparison with other site.

Source: Siteliner

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