How to check website speed?

It is very much important to maintain website speed for ranking in google algorithm. Fast loading website gives very less page response time. It will attack more visitors to site, they are likely to sticking around your site for a long time. We will show you the right way to check proper way to run a website speed. Few tools are perfect to check website speed within 2 secs or less. Look at below

Lists of few tools:

  1. Google pageSpeed Insights:- Insights is google owned speed testing tool named as Google PageSpeed Insights. This will give you the report of performance for both mobile and desktop and also provide you suggestions how to improve these. It will give you field data, Lab data, opportunities, Diagnostics etc also indicates the number of passed audits. This can provide you the score for mobile and desktop separately. Score is analyzed by Lighthouse. It has three layers of score. 1> 0-49  considered as a poor. 2> 50-89  considered as medium that needs improvement. 3> 90-100 considered as good.

Check score now

google insight

2. GTmetrix:- GT matrix will give site performance, loading time. It will tell you the top issues for slow loading. This will also give you the performance matrix, browser timings, waterfall chart, audit, history of report. If you set up for an alert, you will get informed when the pages performs under the maintaining level. You can analyze your performances on android or different simulated devices. It will show you the result from 22 different test location. This is only for premium user. It has all the features to improve website speed.

Visit now to check your site performance

3. Dareboost:- Dareboost is totally free tool to test the speed of any website/ web pages. It has 13 testing location available all over the world and has developed a tool that gives you freedom to various testing conditions. This can analyze web pages to detect page quality and issues with loading time. It will send you weekly report of your web pages. This will give you the score with issues, improvements and successes. You can download report from there or share through mail. You can analyze up to 5 web pages by a free dare booster account.  Dozens of easy and effective optimization tips are available here.

Run your website speed with Dareboost

4. Pingdom Tool:- Pingdom is a very important tool to help you analyze your website speed. You can enter your website URL to test your web page load time. This will give you result of performance grade, page size, load time, requests etc. It displays site request in waterfall view. You can filter by Content type/size, domain , block time, content time, connect time, SSL time, DNS time etc. It has 70 testing location all over the world. It has Pingdom subscription available with starting at 10 dollar per month.

Pingdom website speed test

5. Web page test:- Web page test will allow you to free website speed test from a different server location. These has advanced testing, simple testing, visual comparison, trace route. You can test from multiple locations and multiples browsers. It will give you real experience with multiple locations. Web page test allows you to experience different test like video capture, In depth metrics. This will show you the performance results in a tabular form. It will show you through the waterfall view, screenshot and video format. This provides exact report of content, domain, performance, details, processing, image analysis, request map etc.

Web page performances test result

6. Key CDN tool:- Key CDN tool performs website speed test from 10 multiple locations. This will show you the points where improvement can be made. It will show you the performances score, loading time, size, requests, performances grade etc and will preview your whole website.

Website Speed test by key CDN

7. Thinkwithgoogle:- It will show you the mobile page speed & rating. This will also tell you the ways how to optimize your mobile site.

Test your site by thinkwithgoogle

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