how to create a gmail account

In order to create a gmail account you have to follow below steps-

  1. Go to then you will see a window like these

2. Then click Create account option in the left below.

3. You will see two options

(1)For my self

(2)To mange my business

If you want to open your gmail account for your personal purpose then select For Myself  

If you want to open it for manage business then select To manage my business.

4. Then you will see a window like these

5. Fill up your First name, Last name, User name,Password and Confirm password. ( For making password use minimum 8 character or more, with a mix of letters, numbers and Symbols). A sample is provided after fill up in the below

6. After fill up your own details Click next option. Then A window will open like

7.  (1)Fill up your Phone Number and Recovered email address . If you want to fill these two then fill otherwise it is optional.

(2) Fill up your Date of Birth and Gender.

(3) Then click next option. Then you see below window

8. Then You can read Privacy & Terms and then click on agree option.

9. Your gmail account is open now.

Now you can check your inbox.

[N.B. Kindly save your new email id and password for future login]

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