How to Create a Sitemap for WordPress Website

If you are using wordpress site you must be using Yoast SEO or rank math SEO. In case, you are not using any of the two then you must install Yoast Plugin. If you want to generate site map and add in your site and you already have installed Yoast SEO plugin in your site, then the site map already generated for your site. Here is the full tutorial

How to Access the site map:- Write your domain in new tab of browser and add /sitemap.xml with your domain. Like, Domain name/sitemap.xml and press enter option. It will generate url like Domain name/sitemap_index.xml It will show you the sitemap for your site as shown below

How to submit sitemap in google search console:- Then go to the Google search console. Add your domain in search console and go to the sitemap option. Click on Sitemaps option.

Add your sitemap url i.e. /sitemap_index.xml and click on submit.

A popup screen will open and shows that sitemap submitted successfully.

Now you will see the success option and discovered URL is 0. Till now google did not index any URL of your website. From now gradually google will index your website url and you can see it from here.

Thus you can add your website within google search console. It is a very easy process.

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