How to deactivate your Instagram account

Approximately 1 year earlier there was a option for deactivating Instagram account from app. Now you cannot deactivate your Instagram account from Instagram mobile app. To deactivate/disable Instagram account you have to login Instagram account from computer or mobile browser and follow the easy steps below-

How to deactivate Instagram Account:-

  1. Visit from Computer browser or mobile browser. Tap on profile option on the right side bottom of the screen.
Insta 1

2. You are now inside your profile. Tap on Edit profile.

Insta 2

3. Scroll down the page and you see a option- Temporary disable my account. Tap on it.

Insta 3

4. You are now in a page with heading Temporary disable your account. Scroll down from there.

Insta 4

5. Now you have to give the reason for disabling your account of Instagram. Tell the reasons for disabling and enter your Instagram password. Then tap on temporally disable account.

Insta 5

6. A popup message will appear – you are about to disable your account– tap Yes/ NO to go ahead. Tap on Yes and Temporally disable account to finally disable your account.

Insta 6

Now you will be logout from your account. This is the process of temporary disabling of Instagram account. Later if you changed your mind and want to login your account again, you will need old login details to use.

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