How to download copyright free music for youtube

If you are maintaining a youtube channel, you will need to add some background music for your videos. Don’t ever post copyright music on youtube otherwise, youtube may remove your videos or suspend your account for copyright claim from the owner. So, you have to find copyright-free music sources on the internet. We are discussing here few best copyright-free music sources for your youtube videos.

1. Bensound

Bensound is a free stock music website with a lot of songs. You can download music from bensound for youtube under free license but you have to give credit to bensound. A few things you cannot do with this music like claiming music of bensound as yours, cannot register music on any platform, cannot use music for podcasts, cannot make a remix on bensound music. You can use bensound music in your youtube videos.

2. Mixkit

Mixkit is a website containing free stock music tracks, video clips, sound effects, templates, etc. 54 million+ royalty-free music, videos, and photos are available here. You can download free background music for your youtube videos, blogs, websites, podcasts, online advertisements, etc. Attribution is not necessary here but appreciated. You cannot use Mixkit’s music on CDs, DVDs, Video games, and broadcasting.

3. Soundstrip

Soundstrip is a great website for the best royalty-free music and stock videos. 6000+ royalty-free images are available here. You need to subscribe soundstrip account and add your youtube channel to soundstrip account to clear any content claim that appears on youtube videos. If you connected your youtube channel with soundstrip account, the content claim of the youtube videos automatically is clear within few minutes. You can use soundstrip’s music on youtube but I am not recommending it.

4. Thematic

Thematic is a website that connects creators and music artists. To get access to thematic music you need to sign up and become a member of thematic. You can only use their music on youtube and Instagram. You have to follow some necessary requirements and provide proper attribution links of thematic’s music. It helps to monetize youtube and Instagram videos without worrying about copyright claims, licenses,s, etc.

5. Unminus

It is kind of Unsplash for music. You can download royalty-free music for any project. You do not need to ask permission from unminus for using music. It can be used for any commercial and non-commercial purpose. Attribution is not required but appreciated. These are the few things you cannot do with unminus like, don’t sell the music, do not create a music platform with their music.

6. CChound

CChound is a 100 % royalty-free music provider. A lot of cc licensed free music is available from various artists with correct attribution. Every song is clearly marked whether you need attribution or not. It has 3.1 K music sessions per month. It is not updated regularly. Still, you will get some quality songs for your youtube videos.

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