How to Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate


Covid 19 vaccine was first available for Doctor, nurse and front line workers. After some days it gets available for 45+ years age group. Now It is available for all 18-45 age group and over. You have to register yourself first at govorment website named as cowin and submit any of the identity verification( PAN card/ Adhara card/passport/ Driving license/ Any other govt ids) to schedule appointment. After getting first dose of vaccine you will get provisional vaccine certificate. When you received the 2nd dose you will get Final Covid Vaccination Certificate.

What is vaccine certificate? Why it is required?

It is to identify yourself whether you vaccinated or not. Suppose you got two doses of vaccine, but can you prove it? Here vaccine certificate will help you to prove it. It is an govt of India official document issue that proves the certification of Covid vaccination.

This vaccine certificate helps you to travel internationally, work places and some Covid restricted public places. If you face any Covid related problem after vaccination, you can raise issue to the Vaccine manufacturer company.

There are mainly two ways to download Covid vaccination certificate. one is through Cowin website another through Arogya Setu.

Download through Cowin:-

  1. Visit the Cowin website by clicking here. Click on Sign In / Register yourself.
Vac 1

2. Enter the mobile number that you added earlier with cowin website. Click on Get OTP option.

Vac 2

3. Enter the OTP you received in your mobile. Click on Verify and proceed option to login.

Vac 3

4. Now you will see the details of vaccinated person whether he/she gets one dose or two dose. Click on Certificate option.

Vac 4

5. Certificate download will be started. You will see the provisional certificate for getting one dose. In case if you received both doses you will get final covid vaccination certificate. Here i got only one dose.

Vac 5

Thus you can generate Covid certificate through cowin website.

Download through Arogya Setu:-

  1. Go to the Arogya setu app by clicking here. Click on Vaccination.
Vac 6

2. Enter the mobile no and proceed to verify.

Vac 7

3. Enter the OTP that you get received in your mobile. Then Click on Proceed to verify.

Vac 8

4. You will see the vaccinating status here. Click on certificate icon as shown below

Vac 9

5. A pop up will appear. Are you really want to download the file. Click on download.

Vac 10

6. Open the certificate after downloading. You will get a certificate like these.

Vac 11

Thus you can download certificate from Arogya Setu app.

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