How to earn money by watching videos

People love watching videos on their phones and computer. Most of these videos they are watching for entertainment purposes and others are information purposes. With a broadband connection (High-Speed Internet), watching videos sounds like a nice way to spend time. But what, if I say, you can watch videos and earn money at the same time? isn’t sound nice to you?

People were watching more and more videos due to the pandemic at home. But have you ever wondered Wouldn’t it be amazing if they knew they can get paid to watch videos?

Yes, you heard it right, you can watch videos for entertainment as well as to earn passive income. You just need to play the videos running on your device. Of course, you will need unlimited internet to watch these videos.

Here is a list of some of the best websites/apps that you can use to earn passive money by watching videos. All the platforms mentioned below are reliable, safe, and genuine. They are really paying the users; therefore, you should not be worried about the reliability of the websites. Let us have a look at some of the significant ones:

Hideout TV

It is one of the oldest and most popular websites to earn money by watching videos. Every time an ad is shown on your videos you will get points for that. Once you accumulate enough points you can withdraw to its partner site like Timebucks, Ysense, Superpay, etc. There are a few featured offers like Survey Opinions, Shopping, Free Trials, Sign Up and Install Mobile Apps available to earn extra points.

They also reward you with 25 free points each time to enter a promo code which is available on their Facebook page.

They have different sister sites like Dessertninja, Petclips, Gamerspot, Mealninja, Tryathome, Thepanda, Popjoy, Letscheckin, music, etc. Every sister site can be accessed through the same login details. They also run multiple free Giveaways each month.

This is also a similar type of website to Hideout TV. Here you can also collect points by watching videos, watching ads manually, playing games, installing apps, and doing microtask. When you earn 10 points or more you can redeem those points for cash. is the fastest-growing rewards platform that gives users the ability to earn cash, gift cards, and cryptocurrency by watching videos, playing games, taking quizzes, participating in contests, playing games, and more! Daily spin is available to earn extra points or earn a bonus. They run free entry Giveaways for 100,000 Lootup Points every week. You can redeem points to PayPal cash, Giftcard or Cryptocurrencies. Minimum withdrawal thresholds are 1000 points which are equal to one dollar.

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