How to embed tweet in wordpress post

It is very important to know how to embed tweets inside blog’s post. Sometimes it is necessary to add important tweets related to posts in the wordpress site. WordPress has a block available for twitter. You can easily add tweets through these block. It is not very difficult to embed tweets inside blog post. But if you have not done it earlier then it can be little difficult for you to find these. Here i am guiding you the process step by step-

Tutorial to embed tweet in blog post:-

  1. Go to the
  1. Visit the tweets that you want to embed in your blog post. Like I visit these page below. Click on time stamp of tweets that is available right side of the tweet.
Tweet 1

2. Copy the URL of the tweets.

tweet 2

3. Visit to the wordpress dashboard add new post page. Inside the body of the content in the block search for Twitter. Select Twitter option from the list.

Tweet 3

4. Enter the copied URL that you copy before.

Tweet 4

5. After entering Copied URL, Click on Embed option.

Tweet 5

6. Now tweet is embedded inside the blog post like a real tweet on twitter.

Tweet 6

This is the end of tutorial. Now I think you can embed tweets inside the blog post very easily.

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