How to install windows 11 in computer

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Windows 11 is the upcoming big release of 2021 from Microsoft team which brings lot of improvement and modification to the user interface from windows 10. This is the next generation of windows. For the first time in six years windows has made so many changes to its operating system.

Whats new in Windows 11:-

It’s look stylish, modern, user friendly from windows 10. It has a new look of start menu design. Start menu are fixed at center of the screen to easily visible to its users. It has a taskbar for sound,front and icon also show you the recent files. You can access android apps inside Microsoft store and download them through Amazon app store. Windows made partnership with Intel and amazon. It has a very good speed and very beautiful design.

Microsoft also announced to welcome few third party apps like Microsoft teams, zoom, Canva, Disney+, Adobe cloud etc. It also announced that they will launch multi tasking option to create separate layout. They will also launch a chat option to contact with the Microsoft teams through the chat, voice, video and text. You can easily communicate with Microsoft teams very easily if you face any problems. It has enabled latest gaming technology like DirectX 12 Ultimate.

Windows 11 will be available at the end of the year of 2021. You can install Android apps easily from Microsoft store. However those who are not willing to wait for that long time can download through the windows insider program. The member of windows insider program can install the beta version of the windows. Beta versions are used for testing purpose. Since this is the not a stable build version, it may have many bugs. So, experts says if you have a second computer then you can install the beta version of the windows 11. Otherwise it is not recommendable for single computer user.

How to join in the windows insider program:-

Open the windows insider website. Log in through Microsoft account. Open setting option and then select update & Security. Then click on Windows insider program option.

Minimum requirement before installing it:-

1. Computer needs to be 64 bit processor.

2. At least 4 GB RAM.

3. 64 GB vacant storage.

You can check it by PC Health App whether the computer supports windows 11 or not. You can download it from Microsoft store at free of cost.

We really can’t wait to see the new innovative versions of windows. We are expecting that all thing goes normal as they announced.

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