how to know if an image is copyrighted or not

In internet there are so many beautiful and attractive images and pictures available. We unknowingly used them for our blogs, project, design purpose without knowing whether it is copyright free or not. Sometimes it comes on our mind that how it will be possible to check copyright free images? Answer is yes. In these innovative world everything is possible. There is such tools available in the internet that will tell you whether the image is copyright free or not. Now,We will discuss about few methods how to check copyright free image.

1. Google image search:-

At first go to the google search bar, then select images. Then you will find google image search option. Click on search by image. Now you can paste image URL or upload an image. If google show you brunch of similar images as a result or listing the pages that are with similar image, then it is confirm that it is fully copyrighted images, owner is the different , not you. The image is not found on google then it is can be fine for use, still it is not necessarily true every time. Follow these steps.

Step 1:-

Google 1

Step 2:-

Google 2

Step 3:-

Google 3

2. TinEye:-

TinEye is a reverse image search tools that help you to find the copyright free image. At first go to There you have to upload image or enter image URL. Similar process need to check like above google image search after upload image/URL. It’s extension are now available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera browsers. These website is ad free for use. No unnecessarily disturbance during checking.

Tin eye
Source: TinEye

3. smallseotools:-

If you want to check similar images around the globe, you can check it by using smallseotools reverse image checker. Go to the  .You can drag file to upload or enter image URL and click on search similar image options. Within a few seconds you will see the search result. If similar image results are available in the list, then the image is copyrighted. There are no result found, then it is copyright free. Here a lot of ads are visible when you searching for images. But don’t worry assess is free for all.

Source: smallseotools

4. Duplichecker:-

It is also the same type of tools like smallseotools. At first go to the Then upload image or enter image URL for copyright check. It also works similar way like smallseotools checker.

Source: Duplichecker

5. Plaghunter:-

Visit these website for Image Plagiarism Checker. You have to register a free account to access the features.

Source: Plaghunter

If you did not find any similarity, go back there where you found the image. Check there if anything like Images may be subject to copyright. Then you should not use that image. If creator of the image name is available then you can contact the creator for permission to reuse.

Try to use your own captured picture in your blogs,writings and projects. It is better for your growing future. Else few websites are available that give you license for free use. Example:-

  1. unsplash
  2. pexels
  3. pixabay
  4. freeimages
  5. stocksnap
  6. gratisography
  7. burst.shopify
  8. kaboompics
  10. picjumbo
  11. crello
  12. istockphoto

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