How to link google forms with google sheet Spreadsheet ?

This is the full tutorial for linking Google forms with Google sheet Spreadsheet. Let’s see

Full tutorial:-

  1. At first Open your Google Drive Account by using these link  Sign inthrough your Gmail account. Then Create a Folder inside Google drive and name it. Just as shown below

2.  Now new folder will create. Right click on inside new folder. Follow the option google sheet → Blank Spreadsheets.

3.  A spreadsheet will open. Name the spreadsheet and Close the tab.

4. Go back to the new folder on Google drive that you created earlier. Right click on it. Follow Google forms → Blank form.

5. A form will open. Fill the Name and description of the form. I am filling the form as my need, you should fill on your own.

6. Click on setting icon that is immediate right of theSend option at the top of the screen as shown in the sample picture. Tick the collect email boxes. And Save it.

7.  Email Address row will open . Go to the response option beside the questions option.

8. Go to the three dot options beside the + green icon and click on it. Select the Select response destination from the list.

9.  A new small window will open. Tick on Select existing Spreadsheet. Choose below select option.

10. Then select the previous spreadsheet as shown below. Now the spreadsheet linked.

11. Go back to the question option. Now you can change back ground image, theme color and back ground color on your own style.

12. I uploaded a background picture as my need. Put background color as white.

13.  Go to + Icon to add a option. Add a Question and select short answer from the list of options. On the Required box.

14. Go to + icon and add a optional question and answers . Select multiple choice option from the list and put Required on. Sample pages provided below

15.  Go the + icon. and Select Check boxes. Add question and answers options.

16. Put required at on mode.

17. Again go the + icon.

18. Select Paragraph options.

19. Add question and put required at off mode.

20. Go to the setting option above. Add confirmation message.

21. Tick on collect Email and limit to 1 response. then Save it. Your google drive form is ready now.

22. Go the above Violet color Send option.

23. Now you can sent the form by emailing it.

24. Also You can generate a link for sharing .

25. You can also shorten the URL by clicking tick on Shorten URL.

26. Once they fill up the form and submit it. You will get a response on Your google Spreadsheet like these.

This is the end of the tutorial.

I have chosen the topics and options on my own to make you understand the tutorial. You will need to select your own topics and options to complete it. Don’t copy the options.

Thanks for reading.

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