how to make a bootable USB drive

In earlier days windows was installed by DVD, disc or CD. At that time it was a long time-consuming process. But nowadays, windows is preinstalled from before otherwise, you need to complete it by any external sources by disc or USB method. The bootable USB method is very much easier and quicker to use. There is a lot of software available online to make a bootable USB drive. But in this following tutorial, we will show you how to make a bootable USB drive with the help of power iso.

How to install Power ISO

Step 1:- Visit the power iso website by clicking here. There you will get install files for both 32 bit and 64 bit. If you need power iso for 64 bit then download the file for 64-bit otherwise you can download for the 32-bit also. After downloading the .exe file, open that file. Click yes to proceed further. Then click on I agree to accept Terms and Conditions. Then select the location where you want to install the file and then click on install.

iso 1

Step 2:- You will see a message that the setup was completed successfully. Click on next.

iso 2

Step 3:- Then You will see a pop-up window like these. Click on close to complete the installation process.

iso 3

Power iso installation process is complete now. This is the free registration key for power iso in case if you need it.

Power iso serial key

Name: PowerISO


How to make bootable USB drive by power iso

Your power iso setup is completed earlier section. Now, this is a place where you will see the process of making a bootable USB drive. Follow the steps to know more.

Step 1:- Open the Power iso software that you installed before. Go to the Tools option. Select create bootable USB drive option from the line.

power 1

Step 2:- You will see a pop-up message do you want to continue? Click yes to proceed further.

power 2

Step 3:- You have to select the location of the Windows iso file and the destination of the USB drive to start the bootable process. Then click on start.

power 3

Step 4:- You will see a pop-up message that all data in the USB drive will be overwritten. Click on ok to go next.

power 4

Step 5:- It will take few minutes maybe half an hour to complete the process. After the time elapsed you will see the message writing USB drive completed successfully.

power 5

Now your USB drive is ready in bootable format. You can easily install windows with the help of this USB drive.

This is the end of the tutorial. If you find any problem during set up, please comment us below. Thanks for reading.

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