how to remove gmail account from phone

We sometimes add multiple Gmail accounts together to the Android mobile. That’s why our mobile gets a lot of notifications and it drains the mobile’s battery quickly.

In order to remove a Gmail account from an android phone, I will guide you through the easy steps below

N.B. – Instructions will apply for any kind of android phone across all manufacturers, although options and menus might differ slightly.

1 . Open Setting. Then Go to the Account Options.

2. Then select the Gmail account.

3. Tap on Remove Account.

4. And confirm your choice.

Thus you can remove your Gmail account from android mobile. Keep in mind that settings and options can vary from mobile to mobile so, you may have to find a bit to get the right options. Like, in the below I am showing how to remove a Gmail account from mi phone.

how to remove gmail account from mi phone

Simply follow the steps exactly which are shown below.

1. Go to the android mobile Setting option. Tap on it.

R 1

2. Scroll down through the lines. Select other’s accounts option and tap on it.


3. There select the google option from the list.


4. You will see the full list of your added Email address. Tap on the selected email address.


5. Tap on more options.


6. You will see two options. 1. Sync Now.  2. Remove Account. Tap on Remove account.


7. You will see a warning message that your data and contact will delete after removing your Gmail account. Tap on Remove account to finally remove these Gmail accounts from the phone.


You have done it.

How to remove a Gmail account from an iOS device

Here I will show you how to remove a Gmail account from an iOS device

The necessary steps to remove a Gmail account from an iOS device are how you are accessing a Gmail account ( via Gmail app or Safari app).

If you are using Gmail through Gmail app

1 . Open the Gmail app.

2. Find the menu option. Then tap on Edit and then select Manage Account.

3. Select the account you want to remove then tap the remove option and confirm.

4. Select the Done option from the top left.

If you are using Gmail through the safari app

1 . Open the Safari app from an iOS device.

2. Then visit

3. Tap your profile icon on the top right corner and then tap “Sign out” if you logged in already.

4. Then tap Sign in and after that tap sign in with a different account.

5. Tap remove and select the account that you want to remove from an iOS device.

6. Select done. That’s it.

how to turn off gmail notifications

To turn off Gmail notifications on your phone follow these steps:-

1. Go to the Gmail app and find the three horizontal lines option on the upper left side. Tap on it.

2. Scroll down and find the Setting option. Tap on the setting.

3. You will find all Gmail accounts. Then tap on the relevant Gmail account.

4. Find the Notification option and tap on it.

5. Select None to turn off notifications.

That’s it.

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