How to Reset your WordPress site

As a wordpress site owner sometimes you may have required to reset your wordpress site to redesign and delete the old setting of your account. There may be several reasons to reset the wordpress site. I am not discussing here what are the reasons behind reset wordpress site. But this tutorial is about how to reset your wordpress site by installing a plugin named as WP reset. Complete process is given below

Reset Tutorial:

  1. Go to the wordpress dashboard’s plugin option then click on Add new . Then search for WP reset. Click on Install now.
Re 1

2. Activate the plugin.

Re 2

3. Once you reset your site.It is also important to know how to backup the site. So, before reset your site you need to know how to backup your site. You will know how to do backup by clicking here.

To reset let’s go to the tools option. Click on WP reset.

Re 3

4. Let’s go the Snapshot option and Create snapshot.

Re 4

5. Create new snapshot name and Click on Create snapshot.

Re 5

6. A file will be created with description and size.

Re 6

7. Scroll down the page and find the site reset option. Type reset and Click on Reset Site.

Re 7

8. You will see a pop message on screen are you sure you want to reset your site? Click on red color Reset wordpress option.

Re 8

9. Now it’s done. You will see a message on wordpress dashboard- Site has been successfully reset to default setting.

Re 9

How to restore snapshot that we took before?

  1. To restore these snapshot again go to the wordpress dashboard- tools- WP reset.
Re 10

2. Visit Snapshot option. Click on Actions.

Re 11

3. Select Restore snapshot option.

Re 12

4. A pop will appear. Are you sure you want to Proceed? Click on red color Restore snapshot.

Re 13

5. A pop will show that snapshot has been restored.

Re 14

6. Visit the site and refresh it. You will see that your website has been restored from snapshot. This is how you can restore snapshot of your website.

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