How to shorten a link

It is a type of tool that helps to reduce the long URL address to a shorter one. You can reduce these long URL to a shorter URL  by using Tiny URL. You will get same result upon searching of Short URL link. These will help you to track performances, easily remember, sharing in social media with character limit and covering suspicious link. There are few simple, fast, free URL shortening tools available in the internet. Of them we will discuss about some favorites that are very popular and work instantly.


It is a very popular and powerful shortener tool. If you need to shorten a URL link for instant purpose without sign up an account, Bitly will give you a instant shorten link for you in a sec. It will help you work faster, intelligently with few branded links and redirect to any link. It also helps you to maximize performances and real time analytics like clicks, geographical data, traffic source, referral, views etc. So, you can share more of the links that your audience wants. It’s link integrate with most of the social media & digital marketing. It will save your time without hassle. Bitly links are safe, reliable and encrypted with HTTPS to keep your content safe. It has basic and premium plan with free plans. Free plans limited to redirecting branded links. If you run a business you can go for premium plan.

Source: Bitly

2. Cuttly:-

It is a free URL shortner tool that gives you to measure performance and track real time details. It makes the link management easier and advanced analytic. It can improve the CTR of your link( Click through rate). It also offers branded links, redirected links, API, own domains and CTR management. You can use these shorten URL link in affiliate, making QR code and promotional programs. It has three premium version available with free version. Branded links, API and redirected links are limited in free version of Cuttly.

Source: Cuttly


It is a free tool to reduce URL to a shorter one. It allows to reduce any links from any site in internet. It tracks statistics from your shorten link. It is fast secure and Encrypted by HTTPS protocol. It will delete you link that try to spamming, malicious and viruses. It is compatible with all format of device like mobile, tablet and desktop. It has premium custom plan available that includes branded Links, one custom domain name, 20,000 clicks tracking in each month etc.

Short url
Source: shorturl

4. Tiny URL:-

It is a very easy, quick URL shortener tool. You can customize a long URL to a shorter link by using Tiny url. You can create a account to check link shortening, full link history and Customized tiny urls etc. These links are reliable, safe and never expire. It has a premium pro and Bulk 100K plans with free plans. Free version are engaged with ads.

Tiny url
Source: Tinyurl


It is integrated with Hootsuite platform. It is used to shorten links, measures traffics performance and social analytics of the url. is available only inside the HootSuite dashboard. You have to sign up a free Hoot Suite account to access it. It also has paid plans available with free plans. You will get additional features in paid plans.

Source: Hootsuite


It is also a URL shortening website with 100% free account. You can use these website without sign up. It has pro version available starting with 5 dollar.

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