How to verify your twitter account

I feel wow when someone first view my blog post and follow, share the post on social media. I feels like a celebrity and very much energetic. Twitter is a very popular social networking site for celebrity, Influencer, activist, journalist, company owner, sportsman etc. It is very easy to maintain twitter account for any person. But being verified on twitter is not easy for everyone. There will be a blue tick mark badge next to your name for verified twitter account. To verify twitter account first you must fill up the current basic information, phone numbers and email address. Then you need to follow the following tutorial for requesting twitter verification.

How to apply for Twitter Verification:-

  1. Open the twitter account by visiting Login the account. Find the more option just above tweet in the left side of the homepage. Click on it.
Tweet 1

2. A menu bar will open vertically. Select Setting & Privacy from the list.

Tweet 2

3. Then Go from Your account to Account Information. Click on Account Information. Then you need to confirm twitter password to go further. Enter the twitter account password and click on confirm.

Tweet 3

4. You will see a option verified – No. You need to click on request verification.

Tweet 4

5. Then a pop up will open. Click on start request.

Tweet 5

6. Choose the option that suits you. I am a blogger and youtuber. So, I selected the first option as a influencer. You need to choose that suit you. Then Click next.

Tweet 6

7. You need to provide hashtag link. Here i have selected official leadership website. If you have a profile that recently ranked on google trends then you can submit that profile URL.

Tweet 7

8. Provide your hashtag URL of a twitter that you created or it is about you and Submit your website URL. Then click on next.

Tweet 8

9. Select one from Govt. ID proof and official website. I have selected official website. Then click next.

Tweet 9

10. Submit official website URL. if you selected Govt. ID proof then you must submit id proof. Then click on next.

Tweet 10

11. Check and review all details that you provided earlier. If everything ok, then click on submit.

Tweet 11

12. You will see a message, “Your request has been sent. It could take up to 7 days to verify.” Now your account has been sent for verification. They will notify within 7 days if your twitter account approved or not. In, case They reject your account from being verified, they will tell you the exact reasons for rejection. You can also reapply after 30 days.

Tweet 12

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