How to write a online privacy policy for a blog

Privacy policy is the most important page for your website. A user trusts your website to see your website’s privacy policy page. If you are collecting any information of visitors including email address, name, location etc you need to have a privacy page in your website. It will explain to website visitors to know what happens the personal information that they give you. There are few numbers of privacy policy generator tool available in the internet. Of them I am discussing about two methods to generate privacy policy page at free of cost.

1. By privacypolicygenerator:-

Join here to create a privacy page by privacypolicygenerator.

  1. Visit through above link. Enter website name/ company name, your website name, your website URL. Then click next.
privacy 1
Source: privacypolicygenerator

2. Tick yes on three below options. And click next.

privacy 2
Source: privacypolicygenerator

3. Enter country name, State and Email Address. Click on Generate my privacy policy.

Privacy 3
Source: privacypolicygenerator

4. Now your website privacy policy will be generated on left side of the page. You just need to copy and paste in your privacy page of the website. You can also view the generated privacy policy by clicking the generated link at right side of the page.

Privacy 4
Source: privacypolicygenerator

Thus you can generate privacy policy with the help of privacypolicygenerator.

2. By TermsFeed privacy policy generator:-

  1. Go to the website. Click on generate privacy policy as shown below.
Term 1
Source: TermsFeed

2. Select website option. Click on next step.

Term 2
Source: TermsFeed

3. Enter your Website URL, Website name, Entity type, Country name, State. Click on next step.

Term 3
Source: TermsFeed

4. Tick on kind of boxes that you collect personal information from users. Like I ticked on Email address. You need to tick as per your requirement. Then click on next step.

Term 4
Source: TermsFeed

5. Tick the names that how users can contact you regarding privacy policy.

Term 5
Source: TermsFeed

6. Select No, i don’t want to a professional privacy policy. Then click on next step.

Term 6
Source: TermsFeed

7. Enter your email address to receive privacy policy in your gmail inbox. Then Click on Generate.

Term 7
Source: TermsFeed

8. A link will be created that contains Privacy policy. Open the link in new tab and use it in your website.

Term 8
Source: TermsFeed

Thus you can generate Privacy policy by using Termsfeed privacy generator.

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