rohit sharma captain news

BCCI announced on Wednesday that Rohit Sharma will be the captain of ODI and T20Is instead of Virat Kohli. For the last few years, Rohit Sharma carried out the tremendous form in cricket while Virat Kohli did not build up catchy innings so far. Kohli was also unlucky for India in the world cup turnament. …

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technology can help governments handle economic emergencies such as

Technology can help governments handle economic emergencies such as crop and resource shortages. Explanation:- Governments can handle food and resource shortages by using new advanced technologies to increase food production and eliminate the shortage of resources. Irrigation technologies that include micro-irrigation apply a small amount of water near to the plants, spray through the nozzle, …

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technologies that allow for instant worldwide communication include

Technologies that allow for instant worldwide communication include Network technology, satellite, airplane, and high-speed trains. Mobile Communication, Global internet connection, and Satellite connection are the fastest technologies that made worldwide communication instant and advanced. Internet Technology is the key to instant worldwide communication. It has made a significant impact on worldwide communication.

weird facts about earth

The planet is 4.54 billion years old. It is the place where life is originated, remains the only planet where life thrives. Over the past few centuries, we have learned much about Earth still most people are not known about few weird facts. Have you ever wondered what it might be? Fine! Let’s discuss these …

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Academic education WordPress theme

Are you looking for Academic education WordPress themes? Here is the collection of the best 5 free WordPress themes which are specially designed for educational institutions, Agencies, online courses, school, college, and education-related websites, etc. These themes are mobile-friendly and responsive with WordPress plugins. So, let’s discuss in brief about the top 5 Academic education …

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A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting is a very high-performance hosting provider since 2003. It helps to boost up page speed. Fast loading websites always have a good impact on SEO ranking, performance and bounce rate. They claim that A2 turbo servers can load up to 20X faster than a typical server. They promise 99.99 % uptime on all …

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