PC games Telegram group links

By joining PC games Telegram group links you can easily access any pc games and software which are not easy to find on the internet. These channels are filled with different types of gaming software, coupon code, gaming accessories, etc. The list is given below.

Group 1


Total Subscribers:- 408K

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Group 2

Group Name:- Free Fire Redeem Codes

Total Subscribers:- 204K

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Group 3

Group Name:- NextAlerts

Total Subscribers:- 123K

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Group 4

Group Name:- FLAME MODS

Total Subscribers:- 100K

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Group 5

Group Name:- GALAXY PUBG

Total Subscribers:- 71K

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Group 6

Group Name:- OXYGEN MODS

Total Subscribers:- 8K

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Group 7

Group Name:- Gadgets world – PUBG Leaks

Total Subscribers:- 49K

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Group 8

Group Name:- SID MOD PUBG

Total Subscribers:- 25K

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Group 9

Group Name:- GAMES

Total Subscribers:- 48K

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Group 10

Group Name:- Mod Games

Total Subscribers:- 44K

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Group 11


Total Subscribers:- 40K

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Group 12


Total Subscribers:- 31K

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Group 13

Group Name:- Blood Cheats

Total Subscribers:- 27K

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Group 14

Group Name:- DeFi Warrior

Total Subscribers:- 27K

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Group 15

Group Name:- KV Best Gamer

Total Subscribers:- 21K

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