Squarespace vs WordPress which one is better

It is pretty common question to argue with. But these two platform are really different each other.

Squarespace is a website building and hosting platform founded in 2004. It enables prebuilt templates, web pages, designs etc. It has maximum features available with business plan. You do not need to worry about customizing theme, installing plugin and hosting.

WordPress is a open source website builder founded in 2003. Approx 42% of web is built on wordpress and it is a very popular platform. In wordpress a lot of third party plugin and themes are available for customization. You need to host the site somewhere to start work at wordpress.

I will compare both of them according to their Advantages and disadvantages.

Comparision between Squarespace Vs WordPress:-

1. Easy to Set up:-

Squarespace is very easy to use. We have built few number of sites by using squarespace. Customer experience and set up process are very easy here. We can create a website within 20 minutes.

Whereas wordpress can be very difficult for beginners who are not the technical savvy. You need to follow few steps to create wordpress website Like buying a domain, choose a hosting providers, install wordpress website with themes and plugins, enabling backup and security etc. A lot of works needs to be done to create a website in wordpress.

So, We can say Making a website by using Squarespace is much easier than wordpress.

2. Pricing:-

Squarespace price is little bit more expensive than some people would like it to be. It has a basic plan starting from 12 dollar/ month and business plan 18 dollar/month. If you need full features then you have to purchase business plan staring from 18 dollar/month. Most of people does not have the money to throw 18 dollar/month on a website.

Whereas wordpress requires custom hosting service. You can buy custom hosting service from hostinger at 2.59 dollar/ month with a free domain name. I think you can afford these price to run your website.

So, according to prices, wordpress is much more cheaper than squarespace.

3. Customization process:-

In squarespace there may be 100 templates and 30 plugins available for customization. Here very less customization options are available.

Whereas, In wordpress there are more than 53 thousands plugins and thousands of themes are available. You can totally build your website how you want to build it. A lot of customization options are available in wordpress.

So, according to customization options wordpress is more beneficial than squarespace.

4. Customer Service:-

I have built few squarespace website. So i know the customer service of squarespace. You can message or call the people of squarespace if you are facing any problem, you will get a reply within few minutes. A quick response they provides in terms of customer service.

whereas, if you facing any problem regarding bugs and errors in wordpress site, you may confused to decide whom i should call or message. Whom should i contact among wordpress developer, plugins support, themes support or hosting provider.

So, in these regards, Squarespace is much ahead than wordpress.

5. SEO:-

Squarespace does not have plugins like Yoast Plugin. It’s SEO features are average.

Where as WordPress has a plugins like Yoast SEO with lot of SEO features like meta titles, meta description, focus key phrase, amp support, Free SSL, 301 redirects etc. You can also check SEO & Readability status at wordpress.

According to SEO facility wordpress is more suitable than squarespace.

6. Coding:-

In squarespace for customization coding is not essential. As everything prebulit here from initial.

In case of wordpress you need to learn little bit of coding like CSS, PHP etc to run website for a long time. You can customize everything at wordpress if you know coding.

7. Effort with time:-

In squarespace a less time & effort required because from website’s security to hosting everything is controlled by squarespace. Site owner does not have any headache. If your site is idle for few years in here there will be no problem. Site will run by Squarespace itself.

In case of wordpress you have to decide everything from security to hosting. If your wordpress site is idle for few years you can face lot of issues like themes update, plugins update, backups etc.

So, In squarespace a less effort and time required than wordpress.

Final Words,

If you want to make a simple site like personal blog, small store etc. then squarespace is perfect for you. Otherwise, if you want to make a site with lot of customization and complexity like WooCommerce then you should go with the wordpress.

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