Telegram channel Group links for Marketing & Advertising Forum

Telegram has recorded now 500 million active users along over the world. It is using new unique’s features to the customer like animated stickers and video message etc. It is quiet easy to join any marketing and advertising forum at telegram. After joining you can collect information about marketing & advertising from telegram channel or you can share your marketing & advertising links there. Here I am sharing with you the list of some popular channels


  1. (Channel name:-Fixed Members Panel, Subscriber 264.8K)
  2. (Channel name:-Earning Mantri ( Official ), Subscriber 34.8K)
  3.  (Channel name:-Dark Space N-95, Subscriber 21.4K)
  4.  (Channel name:-Active Marketing, Sales and Startups, Subscriber 16.7K)
  5. (Channel name:-Hotbox Entertainment, Subscriber 12.8K)
  6.  (Channel name:-H-educate Official Channel,  Subscriber 12.8K)
  7. (Channel name:-FOLLOWRS SELLER,  Subscriber 5.7K)
  8.  (Channel name:-Etoos lecture,  Subscriber 5.5K)
  9. (Channel name:-BUSINESS TIPS AND POST,  Subscriber 5.2K)
  10. (Channel name:-FACEBOOK Tips & Tricks,  Subscriber 4.7K)
  11.  (Channel name:-KOPI HITAM Airdrop dan Bounty  Subscriber 4.4K)
  12.  (Channel name:-RO’BA EVENTS,  Subscriber 4.1K)
  13. (Channel name:-Telegram advertising,  Subscriber 4K)
  14. (Channel name:-Search Engine Optimization SEO,  Subscriber 2.9K)
  15. (Channel name:-Daniel Zee Telegram Marketing,  Subscriber 2.7K)
  16.  (Channel name:-Free LIC Posters -SABKA SATH – SABKA,  Subscriber 2.7K)
  17. (Channel name:-webtrafficguru,  Subscriber 2.1K)
  18. (Channel name:-Digital marketing & Growth ,  Subscriber 2K)
  19.  (Channel name:-SMM-Resellers,  Subscriber 1.2K)
  20. (Channel name:-Ads Empire Info (Official),  Subscriber 1.1K)
  21. (Channel name:-Ads Empire Marketing Advertisment, SEO, SMM, Affiliate Marketing, Shopify,  Subscriber 1K)
  22. (Channel name:-Click Dealer,  Subscriber 902)
  23.  (Channel name:-PCE Paytm Cash Earning,  Subscriber 800)
  24. (Channel name:-Maxbounty CPA,  Subscriber 725)
  25.  (Channel name:-Sketch Box , Subscriber 708)
  26.  (Channel name:-Investors Hub,  Subscriber 693)
  27.  (Channel name:-Looters Zone [Offers and Deals],  Subscriber 689)
  28.  (Channel name:-Tegra Growth Team,  Subscriber 521)
  29.  (Channel name:-Shahril Strategy, Subscriber 399)
  30.  (Channel name:-DZ Coupon,  Subscriber 385)
  31. (Channel name:-Digital Marketing,  Subscriber 279)
  32. (Channel name:-Forex Analysis Team,  Subscriber 238)
  33. (Channel name:-Young root signages,  Subscriber 219)
  34. (Channel name:-SUPREME PROMOTIONS,  Subscriber 216)
  35. (Channel name:-Indian smm services,  Subscriber 201)
  36. (Channel name:-Offerte Magliette Amazon,  Subscriber 197)
  37. (Channel name:-Deals On TG offers loot Amazon flipkart,  Subscriber 169)
  38.  (Channel name:-MMC EDITS,  Subscriber 166)
  39. (Channel name:-Super Saver Deal,  Subscriber 132)
  40. (Channel name:-Shabele Printings & Advertising,  Subscriber 132)
  41.  (Channel name:-Galaksion News,  Subscriber 88)
  42.  (Channel name:-Turned,  Subscriber 82)
  43. (Channel name:-Turned,  Subscriber 80)
  44. (Channel name:-Guadagna soldi online,  Subscriber 77)
  45. (Channel name:-Search Engine Journal SEO News,  Subscriber 43)
  46. (Channel name:-Search Engine Land SEO news,  Subscriber 39)
  47. (Channel name:-Ahrefs Learn SEO,  Subscriber 39)
  48.  (Channel name:-Backlink Channel,  Subscriber 31)

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