The advantages and disadvantages of Blogger over WordPress

When we are thinking about make a blog, one sentence always comes in mind that which platform is better to start a blog ? is it Blogger or WordPress or any others platform? Blogger is hosted and owned by google and WordPress is self hosted .Now I will discuss about advantages and disadvantages of both platforms(blogger & wordpress). It will give you a clear idea which one you should choose. Read it out to find more.


It was launched at 1999 by Pyra labs and it was acquired by google at 2003. Now, Blogger is owned and hosting by google. These are the Pros and Cons of blogger.

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  1. It is free totally. You do not need to pay for hosting and domain purpose. You will get a free blogspot domain from blogger.
  2. Able to fullfill maximum of your needs. Blogger has majority options available that you need to run a websites like theme, hosting, domain, customization, adding link and pages etc.
  3. Automatic search engine indexing available in blogger.
  4. Integration with google product. Google docs, google drive, google search console, google analytics are easily integrated with blogger.
  5. Security features. A good level of security and verification available by google. You don’t need to worry from hacking your account.
  6. Add Custom domain & theme. You can purchase a domain and theme and restore it at blogger account. It will work really good.
  7. Easy to use and Understand. Blogger is considered as a easy platform to use, you can understand its features in a short time.
  8. Free Widget available. A lot of free widget available in blogger to intensify your websites.
  9. Applying google Adsense. Apply for google Adsense was very easy. In Earning options you will get a options for applying Adsense. It is a quick process.
  10.   Ideal for New blogger. It is ideal for amateur blogger who just want to start a new blog.


  1. Very limited number of themes available in blogger.
  2. A limited number of Customization options available.
  3. Less numbers of plugins available in blogger.
  4. Less no of Widget available in blogger.
  5. Lack of control of your websites.
  6. Websites is powered by google, so you don’t have any control over it.
  7. If you want to establish a eCommerce or Movie or videos downloading websites then blogger will not help you.
  8. If you remove blogspot from your domain then you have to purchase a domain.
  9. Limited for flexibility .


It is the most popular platform to make a websites. It was first released at 2003. It was written in PHP. It is used by 40 % of all websites. It has a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

Source: WordPress


  1. Full customization facility available in blogger. You can modify and customize your site any time at wordpress.
  2. A few thousands of free themes are available to boost site experience.
  3. Lots of third party plugin are available at wordpress. You can add any features and options by plugins.
  4. No need to HTML editing. You can upload pages, add pictures, links, upload documents, videos, gallery easily. For these you don’t need to HTML editing.
  5. You have full control. You have full control over your site, you will decide hosting and domain on your site.
  6. SEO friendly. WordPress plugins are designed for SEO friendly. So, you don’t need to worry about SEO related issues at wordpress.
  7. Monetization is possible with paid plan.
  8. Very dynamic. It is very easy to create pages, menus and other options.
  9. Site will grow fast. Your sites grows very fast at wordpress.
  10.    Responsive websites. Most of the themes and plugins are suitable for mobile and desktop device. So, you don’t need to worry to install a theme.
  11.    Instant help. If you are facing any problem, you will get instant help from wordpress.
  12.    Scalability. WordPress alows your sites to grow faster and easily.
  13.    Community. WordPress prefers community and membership based websites.
  14.     It is ideal place to build eCommerce websites.


  1. Limited numbers of plugins and themes available for free user.
  2. Paid plan required for Hosting purpose.
  3. Taking time to learn. WordPress platform takes time to learn first.
  4. Security and Maintenance of your site is totally your responsibility.
  5. It is taking time to build a full websites.
  6. Monetization is not possible from a free wordpress account.
  7. Paid plans are much expensive to build new site.
  8. Limited Customization available in free versions of wordpress.
  9. You need to frequently update your plugins.Updating can break some past functionalities.
  10.    You have to make SEO friendly on your own.

Final Words, If you are about to start a blog then you should start at When you learned about blogging, want to make blogging profitable then you should shift to wordpress for better future. Thanks.

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