The Top Search Engines Ranked by Popularity

Which are the best and most popular search engines in the World? Google is the most popular search engine undoubtedly. But few more alternative available. You might be missing important opportunity’s for traffic if you neglect other search Engine. Now we will discuss top searched engine ranked by popularity.

  1. Google:– No need for further introduction that google holds the first position. As per statcounter global data report Percentage of Market share of google of worldwide is 92.24% at Apr -2021 . Recent changes to google algorithm , a dominant advertising platform and personalize user experience makes google holds the first place with 92% share. No one serves better than google . Google Mobile Search Engine Market Share Worldwide now 95.01% at April – 2021.

2. Bing:– Bing 2nd most popular search engine worldwide. According to latest report of statcounter global April 2021 , its Search Engine Market Share Worldwide is 2.29 %. But USA Search Engine Market Share of Bing is 5.47% at april 2021. Bing searches pages most similar to google with same categories and same background. Bings additionally offers you reward program. Here points are accumulated when you search or shop on the engine. You can redeem these points to gift cards or donates to charity.

3. Yahoo :– Yahoo search is 3rd most search engine worldwide. According to last Report April 2021 , Its Market Share Worldwide is 1.52%. and In the USA its share is 3%. Yahoo is also the default search engine for Firefox browsers in the United States since 2014.

4. Baidu:– Its Global share is 1.48 %. It is the china’s most used search engine. About 72 % of chinese people uses these search engine as per data of april 2021.It is currently ranked at position 4, in the Alexa Rankings. It is accessible worldwide but in chinese language only.

5. Duck Duck Go:– If you do not want to stored your search data then you may use duck duck go. It does not track you, does not store information,does not collect any information from you. It is safe to search anything. As per latest report at April- 2021 is 0.58 %.

Besides these top 5 search engine there are few more available to use but these are used very less.

  1. Yandex
  3. Swisscows
  4. startpage
  5. search Encrypt
  6. one search
  7. giburu
  8. Boardreader
  9. Ekoru
  10. Ecosia
  11. AOL
  12. CC search etc.

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