Top 10 Blogger in India and their earnings

Many are choosing blogging as lifetime earning source and become successful as a blogger. Do you want to know who are the most successful blogger in India according to their earnings. I will discuss with you about top 10 Indian blogger and their site name as per their monthly revenue as well as Alexa rankings.

1. Amit Agarwal:-

Amit Agarwal is a computer science engineer from IIT rookery(1999). He resigns his corporate jobs to start blogging as a career.

Blog name:-

Monthly Earning:- 50,000 to 65,000 dollar/month (Estimated)

Alexa global rank:- 7,671

Alexa India Rank:- 1,619

Niche of the blog:- Software tools and Web technologies

Income Source:- Adsense, Affiliate promotion & paid advertisement.

Maximum visitors by country:- India – 44.8% USA – 12.8% Mexico – 5.4%

2. Harsh Agarwal:-

Harsh Agarwal is an IT engineer(2008). He joins Accenture company as a full time job. An accident at 2009 changed his life then he started to blogging as a career.

Blog name:-

Monthly Earning:- 55,000 dollar/month (Approximated)

Alexa global rank:- 6,492

Alexa India Rank:- 726

Niche of the blog:- Blogging, WordPress, SEO, and Social media marketing techniques.

Income Source:- Adsense, Affiliate promotion & paid advertisement.

Maximum visitors by country:- India – 56.6% USA – 6.3% Pakistan – 4.2%

3. Faisal Farooqui:-

He was completed education from New york in USA. He launched his blog first time at 2000.

Blog name:-

Monthly Earning:- 50,000 dollar/month (Estimated)

Alexa global rank:- 9,684

Alexa India Rank:- 948

Niche of the blog:- Review based website.

Income Source:- Adsense, Affiliate promotion & Premium membership.

Maximum visitors by country:- India – 80.4% USA – 11.5% Pakistan – 1.1%

4. Shradha Sharma:-

Shardha Sharma founded your story as a blog at 2008. She is from Patna and her working location was Bangalore.

Blog name:-

Monthly Earning:- 35,000 dollar/month (Estimated)

Alexa global rank:- 6,934

Alexa India Rank:- 709

Niche of the blog:- Story based website.

Income Source:- Adsense, Techsparks etc.

Maximum visitors by country:- India – 87% USA – 5.2% Pakistan – 1.4%

5. Varun krishnan :-

He is an engineer as a profession and started fonearena as a blog in 2005. He is the biggest fan of mobile phones and electronics gadget. He enjoys with buying new phones.

Blog name:-

Monthly Earning:- 25,000 dollar/month (Estimated)

Alexa global rank:- 25,923

Alexa India Rank:- 3,343

Niche of the blog:- Mobile phones and Electronic gadget review website.

Income Source:- Adsense.

Maximum visitors by country:- India – 68.3% Nigeria – 6.8% Australia – 4.7%

6. Anand Khanse:-

Anand Khanse was a business man and he joins as a blogger at April, 2009. His blog gets over 10 millions views each month from all over the world. Maximum traffic comes from USA (26.5%)

Blog name:-

Monthly Earning:- 25,000 – 40,000 dollar/month (Estimated)

Alexa global rank:- 8,287

Alexa India Rank:- 5,914

Niche of the blog:- Based on Windows.

Income Source:- Adsense, Affiliate promotion, Ezoic, Sponsored reviews etc.

Maximum visitors by country:- USA – 26.5% India – 26% Pakistan – 2.5%

7. Abhijit Mukherjee:-

Abhijit Mukherjee was graduated from delhi university. He founded the guidingtech at 2008. He also runs youtube channels.

Blog name:-

Monthly Earning:- Not known

Alexa global rank:- 11,606

Alexa India Rank:- 4,091

Niche of the blog:- Guidance on tech topics and reviews.

Income Source:- Adsense, Affiliate promotion.

Maximum visitors by country:- USA – 25.1% India – 25% Pakistan – 4.6%

8. Srinivas Tamada:-

Srinivas Tamada is from Andhra Pradesh in India. He got degree from MGR university, Chennai. He started career as a programmer in PHP. He currently lives in USA.

Blog name:-

Monthly Earning:- 22,000 dollar/month (Estimated)

Alexa global rank:- 1,07,309

Alexa India Rank:- 31,867

Niche of the blog:- Programming and web designing.

Income Source:- Adsense, Affiliate promotion.

Maximum visitors by country:- India – 46.6% Nigeria – 30.8% Pakistan – 3.7%

9. Ashish Sinha:-

Ashish Sinha was graduated in physics. He worked for IBM and Yahoo. He joins nextbigwhat as a blogger at 2012.

Blog name:-

Monthly Earning:- 19,000 dollar/month (Estimated)

Alexa global rank:- 92,214

Alexa India Rank:- 19,338.

Niche of the blog:- Tech and Startups

Income Source:- Adsense, Affiliate promotion.

Maximum visitors by country:- India – 79.5%

10. Nandini Shenoy :-

Nandini Shenoy was graduated from National Institute of Technology at Karnataka. She joins microsoft as software engineer at 2004. He founded the Pinkvilla website at 2009. Website is based on Bollywood viral news, fashion and Beauty.

Blog name:-

Monthly Earning:- 16,000 dollar/month (Estimated)

Alexa global rank:- 9,805

Alexa India Rank:- 1,134

Niche of the blog:- Bollywood news, fashions, beauty, Lifestyles, Entertainment, Videos etc.

Income Source:- Adsense, Affiliate promotion, paid reviews, brand collaboration etc.

Maximum visitors by country:- India – 70.4% USA – 10.6 % Pakistan – 2.8%

Final Words, I have shared the list of top blogger to inspire you from their success. You can start a blog on your favorite niche. Please comments if i missed any top bloggers.

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