Top 10 Most used WordPress Plugins for Your website.

Plugins are used for add more features and functions to the site. WordPress has 53000+ plugins in their site. If you are new in WordPress you must know about best useful plugins for your site. Some plugins are required for boost up and enhance your site performance. Now I will discuss about top 10 plugins in wordpress that are really necessary for your site buildup and run your websites. Let’s start-

1. Yoast SEO:-

Yoast SEO helps the websites to improve in search engine. It contains everything that you need to manage SEO at free version. You will get additional features and tools in premium versions. Basic features are 1> It will help to improvement in meta tags and URL. 2> This uses advanced XML site map to be understand by google. 3> It helps to faster load your sites. 4> This provides you interlinking features to help you to optimize site structure.  5> It shows the google preview. In premium plan you will get additional email support, extensions, internal linking suggestions, social previews etc.

Total Installation:- 5+ millions.

Ratings:-  5 star rating (27,349)

Yoast SEO
Source: WordPress

2. Akismet Spam Protection:-

Akismet checks your comments and filled up form to protect against malicious content. It will detects spam activity in your comment sections. You can review comments in status library that has been removed by akismet spam protection. Also you can view the numbers of spam comments that were deleted previously. You can check approved comments for every users. It is free for personal small blogs, Paid version is necessary for Business and E commerce site.

Total Installation:- 5+ million

Ratings:- 4.4 Star rating (909)

Akismet spam
Source: WordPress

3. Jet pack:-

Jet pack is helpful to make your site faster, safer and grow your websites. It will back up your site automatically and unlimited storage available for back up. This will protect from malware’s and other threats. It will provide two factor authentication protection when login at wordpress. This has partner with google amp to provide fast and highest performance. It will post your blogs articles in the social media of yours after publishing. This will help to grow traffic through google, bing, yahoo, facebook and twitter. Auto update for individual plugin for your site.

Total Installation:- 5+ millions

Ratings:- 4 star rating (1593)

Jet pack
Source: WordPress

4. Ad Inserter:-

Ad inserter will support all kinds of ads like google adsense,, infolinks, Banner ads etc. It will helps to set up ads in between pages, paragraphs, home page, static page, paragraph etc. By the help of ad Inserter you can paste the ad code anywhere in your site. You don’t have to go to every pages and every areas where you put your ad code. It will provides blocks to set up your ad. Once this is set, these ad code will implemented in every places. Up to 16 blocks available to set up ad code. You can easily disable your ad in your site any time with the help of ad inserter. If your website is monetized then i shall highly recommend you to use ad inserter to set up ads.

Total Installation:- 200K+

Ratings:- 5 star rating (1745)

Ad Inserter
Source: WordPress

5. Shortpixel Image Optimizer:-

Shortpixel can compress any images or any pdf. It has a options for convert png to jpeg image. In free version you can compress upto 100 images in a month. It works well with both HTTP and HTTPS web sites. This also offers glossy jpeg compression. In premium version you will get addition features like compress upto 5000 images per month.

Total Installation:- 300K+

Ratings:- 4.2 star rating (615)

Short pixel image
Source: WordPress

6. W3 total cache:-

W3 total cache will load your sites faster by deleting cache files in websites browsers. It will help to improvement site rank and performance. This will increase web server performances. It will minify HTML, JS and CSS files. This provides SSL and AMP support. It will speed up your site and improve user experience in your site and also caching full database, memory, CDN and JavaScript.

Total Installation:- 1 Million+

Ratings:- 4.2 star rating (4784)

w3 total cache
Source: WordPress

7. Redirection:-

Redirection is the most popular manager to manage redirection and keep records of 404 error. It will help you to reduce error and improve site experience. If you are moving your site from Blogger to WordPress or ghost to wordpress or any platform to other platform, there is new URL generated for your same content. When someone clicks your old link , google says 404 error. Redirection fix these thing by redirecting easily.

Total Installation:- 2 Million+

Ratings:- 4.2 star rating (559)

Source: WordPress

8. Updraft Plus:-

Updraft plus backups and recover your data. It backups your data in cloud/google drive in single click. This can store your data at google drive, amazon cloud, Microsoft one drive, drop box etc. If someday your account get hacked, server crashes , it will help you to backups your all data with safety. It allows you to automatic backup. You must use these free version to backup and restore your data safely.

Total Installation:- 3 Million+

Ratings:– 5 star rating (5017)

Updraft plus
Source: WordPress

9. Site kit by google:-

Site kit provides access to multiple google products like google analytics, Adsense, Search Console, Tag manager etc. This will give authentic update from date to date from google. It really helps to track all google record. Set up is very easy without editing Source code. Access of google data is very easy and free. You should use these plugin .

Total Installation:- 1 Million+

Ratings:- 4 star rating (272)

Site kit
Source: WordPress

10. Broken Link Checker:-

Broken link checker will monitor all your internal and external links of your websites. It detect link that is broken and missing. You can update links from plugin page, you don’t need to do it manually in each post. It will help  you to show broken and missing links differently. After activating these plugin, it will automatically check all links in your sites. You will see a notification widget in the dashboard with these name.

Total Installation:- 700K+

Ratings:- 4 star rating (416)

Broken link
Source: WordPress

11. Social media share button:-

Social media share button is used to share articles in social media. It is very easy to use.

Social media share
Source: WordPress

Final Words, If you are new in wordpress, then you should use these above 10 plugins to get good performance, security and good backup.

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