Top 10 smartest animals in the world

We all know that Human is the most intelligent and cleverest animal in the world. Except human some of the animal has problem solving skill, self awareness, self reorganization, communication skills. They have a primitive skills to work as a unit. Compare animals with their intelligence is little bit tricky, but a few are really smarter than you. You can easily separate them from others animals. These are the list of top 10 smartest animals in the world.

1. Chimpanzee:-

Chimpanzee is a very intelligent animals within Animal Kingdom. Chimps has very good short term memory than humans. The average lifespan of chimps is very short i.e. up to 15 years. Chimps passed the mirror test ( Test for Animal behavior). Chimpanzee also show us the culture between groups, learning skills, transmission, act of gathering wild food etc. They are able to recognize the number from 1 to 9 and their values as well as ascending/descending order. Chimpanzee can play chess, wrestling and tickling. They expressed different behaviors in response of serious moments like a group members death or accident. They can use different tools to eat and fight.

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2. Dolphins:-

Dolphin is one of the smartest animal in the planet. They can easily learn, cooperate and judge. They have a brain of highly developed with self awareness. Dolphins are passed by mirror test. They can understand emotions and mimic. They can create unique whistle to call another dolphin. Dolphins are always good friends with human. They helps human to catch fish and protect from shark attack at sea. Dolphin brains are majorly used for maintaining body functions. They can be trained easily.

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3. Elephants:-

Elephants are the largest land animals in the planet. They have very good memory, cooperating power, self awareness and unity as well. Elephants are very much caring within their group. They are always helping each other during danger times. They are capable of learning and feels emotions. Elephants are capable of listening their voice from long distance. They can remember the way that they passed before. Elephants are also passed Mirror test like dolphins and chimpanzee.

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4. Dog:-

Dog is also one of the smartest and easily adapted with human behaviors. A dog has advance memory skills. They can learn easily the human body language and voice command. They can feel the emotions and can remember up to 1000 words voice commands.

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5. Pigeon:-

Pigeon is really smart animal in the animal kingdom. They can differentiate between two different object and recognize images even after few years. They were used in the past to communicate from long distance. Pigeons can identify them in front of mirror.

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6. Crow:-

In Japan urban area, crows are gathering nuts from trees and place it on road to crack the nut’s shell by passing car. As nuts shells are broken, they collect the nuts. Crow also have good memory.

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7. Pigs:-

Pigs are also smartest animals in the animal kingdom. Study shows that Pig can use mirror to find their food. They feels the emotions and show empathy to their owner. They have a skill to play online games through joysticks.

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8. Octopus:-

Octopus has neuron like human but 60% of neuron are available inside their arms. They are also familiar for throwing rocks and water at the bright light of the aquarium. They can discover new things but has very short term memory.

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9. Parrots:-

Parrots are smart like a 5 years old kid. They can copy human speech and remember it for long time. A special type parrot like African grey parrot can solve puzzle and identify different colors and shape. They have ability to count word and learn impressive numbers.

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10. Rats:-

Rats are used for research purpose in biology laboratory. Their mind functions somewhat similar like human minds. They can complete multiple tasks, finding the route to get food. They have ability to solve numerous problems in scientific research. They can be trained like dogs and dolphins.

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