Top 10 tech subreddits you should follow

In Reddit, you will find subreddits for any kind of topics that you want. Reddit is connecting people all over the globe to let them discuss whatever they want. It is a little bit tricky to find suitable tech-related subreddits. We have researched a lot and concluded 10 numbers subreddits to discuss tech-related information. Let’s start.

1. Gadgets

It is the community where you can discuss and review the latest gadget information. There is a flair available for different types of electronic devices like tablets, phones, TV & projectors, Desktop/laptop, gaming, misc, discussion, etc. You can post a single gadget at a time. No self-promotion and direct image links are allowed. The total number of members of the group is 18.4 million.

2. Future(s) Studies

It is the community for future studies about the development of technology, civilization, and humanity. There is a flair available for different topics. This includes AMA, society, biotech, energy, environment, economics, AI, transport, computing, space, robotic and nanotech. You can post content with only original sources, not from the other blogs or websites. The total number of members of the subreddit is 15.5 million.

3. Discord

This subreddit belongs to a group of friends who are spending time in a school club, a gaming group, or a worldwide art. It is the place to get together with each other virtually. A place for easy discussion every day. No adults and objectionable content are allowed. Only for friendly discussion, any kind of advertising and promotion is not allowed. The total number of members of the subreddit is 873K.

4. ProgrammerHumor

This subreddit community is dedicated to jokes related to programmers and programming. You can say it is only the place for programmers, not common people. Any post that is not related to programming jokes and reposts will be removed from this community. The total number of members of the community is 1.5 million.

5. Technological innovations and changes

This community is dedicated to technological intelligent discussion. It focuses on high-quality technical informative news. No political news and repeat posts are allowed. You can post innovative high-quality news and changes in technologies. The total number of members of the subreddit is 393K.

6. Android

It is the discussion group for android news, tutorial, tips, reviews, apps. The discussion is for mobile or tablet devices only. There is a flair available for News, articles, review, and video. This is not the place for talking about android’s upgrades and support. For this kind of discussion, there will be respective subreddits available for those topics. The total number of members of the subreddit is 2.3 million.

7. Linux

The community is all about Linux and GNU operating system. A subreddit for news, guides, and questions about Linux/GNU operating system. The total number of members of the subreddit is 673K. If you don’t get a response from here then try for another similar subreddit.


This is the community for sharing news from legitimate & well-known news sources (not from blog sources). No images, videos, and memes in this community. These kinds of communities help to gather karma points in your Reddit profile for sharing external website’s news. It is also good for reading new informative news on top of the page. The total number of members of the subreddit is 314K.

9. TechNewsToday

This is the subreddit for sharing technical news from any source. Also a voting area within the community audience. You can read the news here from several sources. Community guideline is not that tough for posting. It is a very reliable forum to discuss any type of news. The total number of members of this subreddit is 273K.

10. Low prices take my energy

The community for links up products that are on sale at discounted rates regarding pc accessories. This includes Monitors, cables, video cards, processors, cooling fans, accessories, etc. No affiliate link sharing is allowed. This is the area where you get deals on different websites. The community makes it easy to buy something online. The total number of members in this subreddit is 818K.

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