Top 5 affiliate marketing websites

Are you feeling bored at home? If you invest some of your free time to affiliate work, you can earn plenty of money from there. Do you want to join affiliate network as a passive income source? Then you have to learn first what is affiliate marketing and how it works across the world and what are the best affiliate options available for you. Everything I will discuss about affiliate in these pages. Please be patient and read carefully from beginning to learn the facts and implementation about Affiliate Marketing. Read it out.

An affiliate network connects publishers with various companies that want to promote their products or services to the customers. Affiliate network is the middle man who connects publishers and product owners. Offervault is the very old network that connects major affiliate networks. You can see 40000+ offer available in offervault platform.

How it works?

It is like a market place for publishers as well as product owners. Website owner/blogger sign up for affiliate network, they choose the product that they want to promote/sale through website. They generate a affiliate link and publish it on site or share it through social networking. As many sales occurs through the link publisher will get a commission (normally 1%- 10%) per product.

Why join Affiliate Network?

It is huge platform to connect with thousand brand products. You can select on your own which product you want to promote. It is possible to work from home at free time. No fixed work hours required. Women can participate in these program. No investment cost and no risk of losing money.

I will guide you now about top 5 affiliate network that pays timely and gives very good commission for each sale. Let’s discuss

1. ClickBank:-

It is a very popular affiliate market place since 1998. The company has almost 6 million clients worldwide, it is much popular in north america. It offers very high commission and regular payouts. There are plenty of products available with more than 20 categories. Minimum payout is 10 dollar. You will get lot of products with similar category. It offers weekly payment. This is best for them who want to sell physical products. It is very easy to join.

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2. ShareAsale:-

ShareAsale is providing clients as well as publishers with great support and innovative experience. ShareAsale affiliate programs for 16550+ merchants with 2,25000+ publishers . 182 Millions sales were generated in 2020. It is providing service over 20 years. You need to apply for individually on each merchant and have to be approved. They offers wide ranges of products like clothing, electronics, automotive, sports item, art even sunglasses also. Minimum payout is 50 dollar. Its take few days to take approval from shareAsale.

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3. Amazon Associate:-

Amazon is well known  eCommerce company worldwide. It offers affiliate promotions through link, HTML code or Custom generated link. It offers commission up to 8% based on each sales. Commission is different for different category product. A to Z items are available in amazon store. If a person buys a item of 30 dollar through your link, after that he also buy another item for 600 dollar, you will get benefit for both of the products. Actually you will get benefit as long as cookies were active. Cookies maybe lasts for up to 24 hours. Minimum payout is 10 dollar through gift card or deposit transfer. Massive varieties of products are available here. One disadvantage is that Electronics items like mobile phone gives only 1% commission or may be less.

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4. CJ Affiliate:-

CJ Affiliate is the one of largest and established affiliate networks. It is working since 1998. There are 3000 different merchants are available in these network. This offers physical and digital products both. It generate links through deep link generator. It works with different brands like Lowe’s, over stock , go pro, Grammarly, Priceline etc. You have to be approve each merchant product for sale. Minimum payout is 50 dollar through direct deposit. It is 100 dollar for check payment. If you didn’t make a sale for 6 months then your account will be deactivated like amazon associate.

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5. Flexoffers:-

Flexoffers is award winning affiliate network in top 10 in the world. It records having in top 10 for 7 years in a row. 12000+ affiliate program is available here. Each publisher account is controlled by a account manager to help effectively in promotion. 500+ premium advertiser is available here. It offers big brands as well as small brands like priceline, cashstar, shoe palace, Market america, Macy, Lenovo etc. Payments terms is 60 days after sale. Minimum payout is 50 dollar for USA and 100 dollar for other country. Commission can be reduced if advertiser reduces the flexoffers payment.

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Conclusion:- It is one of the innovative ways to monetize blogs or websites. It can generate good amount of revenue if you are dedicated and focused on your work. Not Every affiliate network is not good enough to join. Above 5 is legitimate, trusty and worthy for your valuable time.

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